Zodiac Psychic Profile: Virgo

hose born under this zodiac will have birthdays that fall between August 23 and September 22. This date range is appropriate, as the fading of summer growth into the cool timidity of autumn is appropriate for these typically shy and self-critical individuals. 

Virgo is smart and cultured people who are exceptional when it comes to seeing the bigger picture and planning for the future. This propensity for looking ahead can cost them in the immediate as they can sometimes lose sight of what happening immediately around them as they look forward. 

The Virgo’s initial cloistering will make it difficult for them to make inroads with new friends and groups. However, once those initial barriers are surmounted, they can become the most reliable individuals in those groups that they occupy. 



Virgo is represented by the element of Earth. This element is most commonly linked to practicality, material, and hard work. Virgo is great planners and can be dependable sources for when the future is uncertain. If a Virgo can’t see a clear future in any given situation, they are apt to make one, hatch a plan, and execute to see it completed. 

Virgo is steadfast in the same way that many elements of the earth are, e.g. stones, trees, bodies of water, and the like. These individuals are commonly found sticking to routines, for better or worse. Those habits that they form can be hard to break and they’ll stick with toxic environments purely out of the familiarity and the predictability they provide. 


  • Amazonite is an earth stone known for bringing balance to a Virgo’s lifestyle. When stuck in a rut or obsessing over what the future may or may not hold, this gemstone can offer a calming and soothing effect that will enhance the mental clarity a Virgo needs to press onward. 
  • Amethyst prompts the analytical mind of a Virgo to give into a more spiritual perspective. Another soothing energy crystal, amethyst counters negative energies and lifts the spirit with an aura of understanding the challenges others are facing. 
  • Clear quartz is a cleansing stone that purges the mind of negative energies. Increasing the intellectual capacity and memory faculties of the Virgo, clear quartz promotes positivity in any situation. 
  • Garnet serves to rejuvenate the energetic mind of the Virgo. By encouraging the mind with positive energy, Garnet will imbue Vigo with the self-confidence to face obstacles head-on and shed behaviors that do not serve to better their life. 
  • Carnelian is a creativity stone that Virgos can utilize to enhance their vitality. By imparting confidence and focus, carnelian allows Virgos to better channel their positive energy to manifest in the material world. 
  • Citrine is a stone that will increase the Virgo’s drive to get things done while understanding that it’s ok to settle for less than perfection. An energetic and invigorating crystal, Virgos will be well-served when keeping this stone close by. 

Symbol: The Virgin 

Brooding and inquisitive by nature, the Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin. Calm on the surface and often lost deep in thought, these individuals are cool and calculating when it comes to interacting the people and events around them. 

As very detail-oriented individuals, Virgo is happy to be distracted by professional and artistic pursuits. Relationships can be kept close to the heart or foregone altogether if they don’t mesh with the Virgo’s vibe. 

All told, the Virgo is happy to be alone or with others, so long as they are not impeded from their personal goals of betterment. 


Virgo will be quick to adopt earthy hues in their daily lives. 

Browns and grey are the colors that can be relied upon consistently to fill the gaps and bridge connections. Also imparting energies of focus and content, these colors are the most prominent in the Virgo’s palette. 

Pastels like peach and light blues are also often associated with Virgo. These accents are sharp and pleasing, which give Virgo a glimpse into the lighter side of things when they aren’t brooding over the next big steps in life. 


Virgo and the brilliant chrysanthemums are kindred spirits. With this flower's autumnal inception, they and the Virgo share a resilient spirit. 

The earthy and bright colors of this flower also help to represent the joy and happiness found in the winter months, when most Virgos are making big plans for the eruption and warmth of spring. 

Psychic Strengths Of Virgo 

Virgo is often found on the sidelines or quietly contemplating when it comes to the social dynamic in everyday life. These individuals are inquisitive, hardworking, and practical almost to a fault. 

Their kindness and loyalty are also akin to that of Leo, which is known for such traits in equal measure. 

Psychic Weaknesses Of Virgo 

In tending introversion, Virgos can be thought of as shy based on outward appearances. 

When a reputation for being all work and no play enters the mindset of others, Virgos can be left out of fun social gatherings and events. Also, their analytical nature can come back to bite them as Virgo is often seen as overly critical of themselves and those around them. 

The Relational Powers of Virgo 

To understand the power of Virgo at it exists today, we need to frame those observations within the confines of modern society. In this case, we refer to the dynamic relationships Cancer create, support, and grow in a variety of roles and functions. 

We break down this analysis into the varying relationships of our daily lives. 

Professional Relationships  

As far as employees go, Virgos are exceptional in the realm of analysis and forecasting. They are magnets for the minutia and love to dig down into the nitty-gritty details. 

That said, a Virgo can easily burn bridges when bringing the details they observe in their coworkers to light at inopportune times, in the wrong situation, or with a heavy-handed approach. 

Romantic Relationships 

Romance is understated in the world of the Virgo. They value stability and loyalty more than most when it comes to their romantic partners. This can translate into fewer but more pronounced intimate encounters as time goes on. 

Virgo’s are also much keener on long-term romance, as opposed to one-night stands. 

With that in mind, Virgos are very dutiful to their partners and love with all the strength and energy of the earth. 

Familial Relationships 

Virgo is modest and rooted in reality when it comes to what’s best of the family. Feeling safe and pursuing the practical, rather than the fantastic, is what one can expect with a Virgo in the family. 

These individuals have an aversion to change. So, upsets to the routine like moving locations often or separations and new siblings can be jarring to a striking degree. 

Platonic Relationships 

Because Virgo zodiacs are often in their heads, it can be tough to read how they are feeling. Whether to get close or keep your distance can be a guessing game until you know their true state of mind. 

It may take time to get to know a Virgo, but once the relationship is solidified, you have a friend for life if you can keep up the dependable routine. 




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