How to Tell if Your Valentine is Truly In-love with You

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Love can be a confusing topic and a far more confusing feeling. How does one know when they’ve landed on love, infatuation or another kind of attachment? Fortunately, intuition is a great indicator and we’ve all got a built-in compass for that.
Science has a lot of resources invested in understanding the laws of attraction, as well. By combining the two, we can offer a few cold hard facts to help you deduce whether what you’re feeling and experiencing is love, lust, or anything in-between.
It all begins with the eyes. Well, in most cases. We see shapes and angles, curves, and figures that we find pleasing to the eye. It attracts our attention and draws our gaze for more than just a quick scan from nose to toes. However, our gaze ultimately focuses in on the eyes. For some reason, we are hardwired from an early age to seek out and make eye contact to communicate interest.
Consider first your personal experience with eye contact. The eyes are an exceptional way to judge someone’s character and humans are acutely aware of how and where our eyes may wander. We sneak peeks at every opportunity, while some are so bold as to leer unapologetically. Eye contact is a mechanism that is rooted deep within our DNA and goes back to our Neanderthal ancestors who lacked the language to communicate. Instead, they used their eyes and body language to show affirmation, attraction, and indifference.

It’s no secret that eye contact produces and enhances attraction. For the most part, humans don’t care for people who don’t pay attention to us. Which is largely conveyed by the amount, or lack thereof, when it comes to eye contact. In fact, it’s been proven that holding someone’s creates attraction. Now ask yourself, does your partner hold your gaze? Do you hold theirs? The amount of eye contact you two share may be a defining detail in your levels of attraction. One such study led by Aberdeen University in Scotland confirmed that eye contact does the lion’s share in creating attraction. Combined with smiling, touching, and active listening, eye contact is the greatest indicator of attraction. It may not signal outright love, but you can bet your bottom dollar it’s a step in the right direction.

It may sound like a silly experiment, but researchers using hidden cameras discovered that when men stared at women over 8.2 seconds, their feelings of having fallen in love, at first sight, increased dramatically. Chop that time down to 4.5 seconds and it was as if there were no attraction at all. Unfortunately for the male subjects, this experiment proved no reciprocation from women. The feelings of love at first stare was all in the heads of these men. That said, don’t discount the wanting glares of your proposed Romeo or Juliet. Your level of eye contact is a clear indicator of whether you’re in love or in a one-way relationship.

Let’s take a hard turn away from the science of staring and get a feel for the science of selflessness. The shift from an internal focus to an external one could very well be indicative of your love for another. Basing your relationship on the love of your partner and less on the love of yourself is one of the most poignant displays of your investment in a connection. Commonly referred to as “compassionate love”, it is one of the healthiest signs in a relationship. Putting someone else’s happiness above your own can surely indicate that you are feeling are more than just an attraction. Not only that but it can be a source of great happiness for yourself to invest effort into elevating someone else’s happiness. Compassionate love can be a slippery slope, though. If those feelings go unreturned, the scales are tipped and your relationship ventures into an unhealthy territory.

At this point, if you’re not sure about where you sit on the spectrum of love with your significant other, an outside perspective can help. Reaching out to a trusted psychic expert in relationships can help you identify where you stand with your partner. Valentine's day is one of the most active times of the year for love and lack thereof. It’s also important to acknowledge that your valued relationships exist in a state of constant repair. Did you know that a psychic reader can lend a guiding hand on how best to interpret your relationship’s status, cues, and activities?

Thanks to modern technology, specialized readings are available to home in on your desired level of detail. Everything from text and email readings to phone call conversations and complete tarot readings are available for you to access conveniently online. This way, you can get the reading you want, at a level of interaction you are comfortable with, and on your terms.

Contacting a psychic medium by phone is a popular way of interacting with these unique service providers. The process is easy and gives you the benefit of getting answers to questions in real-time. When calling, you will speak with a representative who will record some information of yours to help with the reading and process the call. Your reading and personal information are kept completely confidential. Any information retained is maintained within a secure system throughout the interaction. Use this opportunity wisely and make the most out of your reading by having questions ready for the psychic to touch upon. If you’d prefer to leave things open-ended. Allow your psychic to interpret the situation after giving just the essential details.

If you would prefer to text or email, psychic Text Reading and Email Reading services are treated with the same care and attention as Live Readings. In each case, your answers are provided by highly intuitive psychics about your future, love life, relationships, happiness and more.

You can check a psychic reading website to see which readers are available at any time. Testimonials are also a great way to gauge the connection you may have to a medium. If you have a psychic you identify with or want to meet, their full schedule is generally kept accessible online for your convenience. If your reading is more of a spur of the moment activity, representatives can give you the details of a psychic’s current availability at the time of inquiry. Any special requirements or requests you have, such as wanting a Psychic Medium Tarot reader, can also be fulfilled.

Tarot readings are of increasing interest to many inquisitive and unsure individuals during this time of year. The revelations delivered by psychics who interpret the cards often provide both answers and further questions. Either way, the ritual has drawn the curiosity of men and women for hundreds of years. The significance of Tarot dates back hundreds of years, if not millennia, with its tradition is rooted in the whimsical, divine, and occult. Today, many practitioners utilize this unique medium to interpret the cards and their symbols and reveal intricacies about the subject of the reading. By employing mystical symbols interpreted by our recommended expert psychics, we can help make your next relationship a smashing success.

It’s not enough to understand how we all can gauge attraction between people. It’s too nuanced and wrought with the pitfalls of misinterpretation. It might not be enough for an expert guide to assist and interpret actions to lead you to true love. Above all, it may be introspection that will lead you to the destination you seek.

Understanding what it is in a partner you need to see or need someone else to see from an outside perspective, is just as important as what you can’t see. Take for instance two hearts. A sappy image to be sure, but one study conducted by UC Davis in California found that when two lovers spend enough time together, their hearts become entwined. That’s true right down to the beat. During this study involving 32 couples in love, each partner was seated a few feet from their counterpart with no physical contact and no communication. What was found indicated that women in the relationship shared a stronger connection to their partner and were able to feel the other’s heartbeat, eventually syncing both heartbeats and breathing cadence into one rhythm. Could you match your lover’s heartbeat from across the room? If so, you may be good candidates as soulmates.

We’ve touched on the physical pleasures of having true love, without getting too risqué of course. But the pain that comes along with being in love can be just as real. Fortunately, pain relief is a result of love as well. That’s according to one Standford Medical School study, anyway. It goes like this: the study took 15 test subjects who professed to be deeply in love. Each participant’s brain activity as a heated probe was placed in their hands. Those who were shown a picture of their lover were found to have had an up to 40% reduction in overall pain felt, according to the data being transmitted from their brains. Would you be able to endure great pain with just the image of your love to provide relief? If the answer is yes, you’re one step closer to confirming your steadfast love.

We’ll leave you on a high note with the gross and gritty part of being in love. If your lover twists a torpedo of tissue paper to wipe clean their runny nose or digs knuckle deep for the great green nose candy, are you totally grossed out or is it just a quirky quality of their personality? Chances are if you’re still willing to plant a wet one on your lover’s lips after a gut gurgling belch or hold hands after they’ve picked their nose, your love is strong. One study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands revealed that feelings of sexual arousal can supersede feelings of disgust when both come from your lover. It’s no secret that lovers are apt to let a double-dip slide at the Christmas party if the culprit holds a special place in one’s heart. This one is a clear indicator that you’re on another level of love.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ve got a better idea of where your level of love resides. If you’re still on the fence, consider receiving a relationship reading from an experienced psychic reader today.

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