15 Signs You May be Have Psychic Abilities

Some people get the feeling that they may have some special abilities that are absent in almost everyone else. While everyone experiences things in their own way, sometimes these feelings can be signs that you have psychic abilities. There is nothing wrong with thinking this and it can be a very exciting thing to explore. There is no single way to tell if someone is psychic and there are many different forms of being psychic. However, there are some common signs that someone is gifted. Here we explore some of them and hopefully, they will help you discover whether or not you are in fact psychic.

1. You Had Childhood Imaginary Friends

Many people seem to be embarrassed about the fact that they had imaginary friends as a child, but there is no reason to be. Many mediums had so called imaginary friends but they may well have been angels. These are a type of spirit that exist at a very high frequency and if you were able to detect them as a child, then there is a good chance that you can do so now.

2. You Believe You Have Seen Spirits

Just like imaginary friends, there is no reason to believe that you haven’t seen spirits. These could be random people reaching out to you or even departed family members. When we are young, we are more connected to the spirit world, so there is every chance that you saw spirits in your childhood.

Many people say that after a grandparent or close relative dies they still see them in their favourite places around the house. Others report similar experiences with beloved pets. Of course, with some people this will just be their imagination, but with others, they will be real spirits. Sometimes you will have been able to talk to these spirits or interact with them in other ways. Occasionally people confuse seeing spirits with psychic dreams, but either way, it is a strong sign that you have psychic abilities.

3. You Catch Things with Your Peripheral Vision

Do you often feel like you are catching a glimpse of things out of the corner of your eye? It may be strange shadows, flashes of lights, glowing objects, and so on. Often this is a sign of clairvoyance. What you may be seeing is spirits and by working on the gift, you will be able to learn to see these spirits with ease using your inner eye.

4. You Have Spent Your Life Feeling Different

If you have spent your entire life feeling that you are different from everyone around you, then there may be a very simple reason for it. You may well have psychic gifts. If you struggle to connect with people on the same level, or you feel a need for deeper connections, often find yourself lost in deep thoughts, or have a tendency to analyse situations deeply, then it may have caused you some concern. However, those with psychic gifts often find that they are set apart from those without and you should do your best to embrace what it is that makes you different.

5. You Feel Different Energies in Different Locations

If you find that you walk into a place and instinctively feel a certain kind of energy from it, then it could be a sign that you have psychic medium abilities. Most often, it is easier to pick up on bad energies and you may feel extreme temperatures, a heaviness, have the shivers, feel scared and so on. However, it is also possible to detect good energies and these can leave you feeling warm, light and content. Either way, if this is something that you experience on a regular basis, then it may well be your psychic abilities asserting themselves.

6.You Hear Voices Others Don’t

If you often think you catch the sound of someone speaking when you are in a silent place, or even you hear voices that are simply out of place when in a crowd, then it could a spirit trying to reach you. Those who can hear spirits often report hearing low mumbling, music, or other sounds that no one else can hear. This gift is called clairaudience and it allows you to access your inner ear to communicate with spirits.

7. You Have Hyper-Realistic Dreams

Do you often find yourself confusing your dreams with reality? Perhaps you wake up and feel like you have really lived your dream. Sometimes these dreams may be about past lives or they could be communications from the spirit world. They may well be a sign that you are tapping into spirit energies and you can certainly learn how to harness these dreams.

8. You Often Feel Overstimulated

Many psychic abilities relate to using regular senses to tap into the spirit world. Those who find that they become overwhelmed in loud, crowded areas, will often have very sharp and heightened senses. However, for some people it will go a stage further and it may be a sign that they are clairsentient. This means that they are able to feel past, present and future emotions of those who are around them. Clairsentients may also be able to feel things from homes or other buildings that others cannot. If you are not aware of being clairsentient it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, but it is possible to learn to control and develop the psychic gift.

9. You Regularly Experience Visions

In regards to psychic abilities, what is usually meant by a vision is someone seeing something before it actually happens. However, it is also possible for people to have visions of past events or of current events taking place elsewhere. Visions can come during dreams, while meditating, or at any other time. Some people will experience visions as projections in front of them, while for others it may take over their entire ‘sight’. Experiencing visions is often a very strong sign that you are psychic.

10. You Show Signs of Telepathic Abilities

When you are talking to people, do you tend to think something and keep it to yourself only for the other person to then voice exactly what you were thinking? Perhaps you find yourself finishing other people’s sentences on a regular basis, even if they are people who you have never met before. If this is the case, then you may well be telepathic. Telepathy is the transferring of messages through energy and if you are able to pick up on these messages then it is a very strong psychic gift.

11. You Can See Auras

An aura is a person’s energy field and everybody has one. However, not everyone is able to see them. If you can see colourful energies surrounding people then it is a sure sign that you have psychic abilities. You can learn to interpret these auras; the colours can give you an indication as to how people are feeling and their general wellbeing, and you can then use this gift to help people explore their emotions.

12. You Can Feel Others Emotions

Almost everyone can pick up on how others are feeling to a certain extent. However, if you find that you feel other people’s emotions almost as strongly as your own then it is a sign that you may be an empath. Empaths are excellent at understanding other people’s emotions and it is a truly special psychic gift.

13. You Instinctively Know Things About People

Do you often feel that you know what a person is like before you even talk to them? You may pick up on positive or negative feelings about a person just by being near them. This is not the same as judging someone on their appearance, but if it is a truly intuitive feeling then it is a sign that you may be a psychic.

14. People Say You Give Great Advice

Do you find that people often compliment you for giving helpful advice and regularly turn to you for help with difficult topics? Do you feel as if you are able to provide help to those when they turn to you? Very often, those with psychic gifts are gifted in providing genuinely helpful advice to others.

15. You Intuitively Know

You may find that you instinctively know things, and they don’t have to come from visions or spirit guides. What many people call intuition may in fact be claircognizance, the ability to know things before they happen. It may relate to people or to events, but either way it is a very powerful psychic gift.

There are many other signs that someone may have psychic abilities, such as the ability to understand animals better than others do or the ability to help others heal. Psychic gifts can bring a huge amount of joy and you will be able to provide great help to others by learning to harness your gifts.

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