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ItsPsychic is home to a network of talented psychics that specialize in a wide range of areas. You can have consultations on love and relationships, life questions, tarot readings, spiritual readings, and more. The psychics use a range of tools and they are carefully vetted by the site to ensure that they are all genuine. ItsPsychic has very reasonable prices, with 3 minutes free for new users and then many psychics available for as little as $1 per minute. The service also has an excellent call extension feature, ensuring that your readings are never rushed. Thanks to this and more, ItsPsychic is an excellent resource for those looking to consult with a psychic.

Pros and Cons

Very reasonable rates
Psychic advisors with a wide range of specialties
Very secure calling and payment system
Easy to navigate website
No psychic reviews available
No satisfaction guarantee
Very limited search options



ItsPsychic is a relative newcomer on the scene, but it has already developed an excellent reputation. It is home to a large network of very talented psychic consultants who specialize in a wide range of areas. They offer telephone consultations with a unique way of timing and running the sessions, and this has proven to be hugely popular with customers.

The psychics specialize in many areas including traditional readings, love and relationships, tarot readings, life questions, mediums, spiritual readings and more. If you see a psychic that you are interested in, you are able to view their profile and find information about the psychic’s specific gifts and areas of expertise. The site and service are extremely easy to use and you can get started with your first consultation in hardly any time, furthermore, your first three minutes are completely free. It is thanks to all of this and more that ItsPsychic has quickly become known for providing a first-rate service.

How ItsPsychic Selects its Psychics

ItsPsychic states that they carefully screen all of the psychics on their network to make sure that there are no frauds. In addition to carefully interviewing potential advisors, they also require that they provide an actual life picture for photo ID verification, together with their real name, phone number, and address so that they can carry out background checks. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all of the psychics listed on the site are genuinely gifted people who can provide you with real insights and advise.

Types of Readings Offered

The psychics on ItsPsychic are divided into the following categories: Psychic Readings, Love and Relationships, Tarot Readings, Life Questions, Psychic Mediums, and Spiritual Readings. Within each of these categories, you will find a large number of psychics who are able to make use of a range of different tools such as astrology, crystals, I-Ching, numerology, oracle cards, pendulums, runes, and more. Each psychic will use one or many tools in their readings to make them as helpful and insightful as possible.

For instance, if you have a Psychic Readings then the advisor will use their gifts to look at your auras and energies. They will be able to gain insights into your personality and by reading these, they will then be able to provide you with helpful and constructive advice. They may use an inner eye to gain a better sense of what is troubling you, or simply be able to use spiritual energies in order to identify areas where you may need help.

Consultations on Love and Relationships can be a great aid regardless of your current relationship status. They can help you identify if the relationship that you are currently in has a future or if you are wasting energy on it. They may be able to look into the future to see if your soulmate is on the way. They can help you identify issues with your current relationship and provide you with tools and methods for strengthening the relationship.

Similarly, a Tarot card reader will be able to help you understand where your relationships, and all other areas of life, are headed. The skilled readers at ItsPsychic will help you understand yourself better and the path your life is taking. They will often be able to help you identify hidden aspects of your personality and understand the ways in which these are affecting your life, whether in your career, family, or any other area.

Tarot cards are one tool used by Life Questions psychics, but not the only one. A skilled Life Questions advisor will be able to help you address some of the bigger issues in life and provide advice if you are facing a major decision. This may be about your career, a relationship, a move, an educational decision, or anything else.

Psychic advisors work by moving beyond the physical into the spiritual realm and a Spiritual Reading can help you do the same. A Spiritual Reading advisor will help you understand the spirits that surround the physical world but are normally out of reach, and help you incorporate them into your life, providing enlightenment and enrichment.

A Psychic Medium is there to bridge the gap between this world and the next. They can help you reach friends, family and loved ones who have passed on. You can contact them for answers to specific questions, or just for a final goodbye to help you find closure. There are many talented mediums at ItsPsychic and they can be a great aid when you are dealing with a sudden loss.

In short, there are more than enough psychics at ItsPsychic to help you regardless of what you are looking for in a reading. They use a wide range of tools and after looking through some of the profiles, you are sure to find the right one for you.

How You Can Contact ItsPsychic’s Psychics

All readings at ItsPsychic’s are carried out by telephone. When you find a psychic that you want to talk to, click on the ‘Available To Talk Now’ button to get started. You will then be redirected to VerifiedCall in order to establish a secure call with your chosen psychic.

What Sets ItsPsychic Apart From the Competition?

There are a few features of ItsPsychic that sets it apart from the competition. The main one is the call extension feature. You can use this if you are enjoying your reading but before you feel it is complete, the session runs out of time. The call extension feature gives you the ability to extend the consultation. When you are approaching the session’s time limit, a dialogue appears on screen asking if you want to extend it. You can then choose how much time you want to add and the session clock is then updated, ensuring that you can complete your consultation in an unhurried manner.

When you arrange a consultation with an advisor, the site has a unique way of setting up the session time. The session times are based upon two things. The first is how long the advisor allows. Psychic consultations can be very draining on the advisor so they may limit their sessions, while others may be happy to carry on for longer. The second factor is how long you want the session to last. Within the chosen psychic’s available times, you can choose to make the session as long or as short as you want, and this way you can be sure of budgeting for it accordingly.

Pricing and Promotions

ItsPsychic is one of the most reasonably priced services around. First of all, all new members of the website get five minutes free when they sign up. This way you have the chance to see if it the kind of service you are looking for without having to waste any money.

The psychics are able to set their own rate per minute, and the average price is between $1 and $3, far less than at many other website. Thanks to this, you can have a half-hour long consultation for as little as $30, at some websites it could cost you as much as $300 or even more.

Customer Service

If you have any problems while using ItsPsychic then you will find a great deal of helpful information in the website’s FAQ. They address a number of common questions and the answers are all very clearly written and easy to understand.

If you don’t find the answers that you need then you can email customer support ( They usually respond to queries very quickly and are happy to help with all types of questions.

Money Back Guarantee

Unfortunately, at present ItsPsychic do not offer a money back guarantee or a satisfaction guarantee.

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Recent Customer Reviews
02/02/2019 Shay
I was really impressed at how easy ItsPsychic is to use, I didn’t even have to create an account and I was chatting to an advisor within minutes.
02/22/2019 Geo
I used ItsPsychic to find a medium to help me connect with a friend who suddenly passed, the medium was excellent and I found the experience to be truly cathartic.
03/06/2019 Kobi
I contacted David for a life questions reading as I have been truly struggling recent, he was hugely comforting and has helped me find some real peace.
03/31/2019 Gal
I’ve used a number of different psychic networks but I found ItsPsychic to be one of the best thanks to its many useful features and general ease of use.
08/31/2019 Sergio
I really recommended Lucy from ItsPsychic, I turned to her for relationship advice and her insights have helped me strengthen the bond with my partner immeasurably.
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A relative newcomer, ItsPsychic has already developed a fantastic reputation. It offers readings on a range of subject and has a number of unique features that makes it a highly attractive site.

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