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A clairvoyant has a special gift that can give you great insights into your life and the world around you. Consulting with a clairvoyant can bring you a huge amount of information that can help you transform your life.

Delve Deeper into Your Life with a Clairvoyant’s Gifts

Occasionally we all need a bit of help understanding our lives and making decision about what to do next. If you are looking for advice then a clairvoyant is an excellent option. They are able to make use of their heightened senses and natural gifts in order to provide you with insights that would otherwise be inaccessible. Clairvoyance goes far beyond having an inner-eye, and a gifted clairvoyant will be able to provide you with a huge amount of information. We have researched the best only clairvoyants to save you time and effort. Take a look at our recommended clairvoyants below and then read the in depth reviews to find any additional information you may need.

What is a Clairvoyant?

Clairvoyance is a heightened psychic and intuitive awareness that some people are born with or they develop in life through psychic and spiritual learning and practice. More specifically a clairvoyant is someone who receives intuitive information visually as there is also clairaudience (hearing), clairscent (smelling), clairgustance (tasting) and clairsentience (feeling).  However, it is not uncommon for people to use the term clairvoyance as a catchall for all of these.

Amazingly, many people believe that everyone is born with some of these abilities, but that we lose touch with it as we grow older and are raised by skeptics. However, everyone occasionally has instinctive feelings about things or situations, such as a sense that a place is not safe, and this could be down innate clairvoyance.

A clairvoyant is someone who uses their heightened clair-senses in order to provide you with insights about your situation or question. Clairvoyants do not only deal with the future, they can also answer questions about the past and present. They can deal with questions about you or others, and they will be able to provide insights into what is causing specific situations.

What are Clairvoyant Readings and How Do They Work?

A clairvoyant reading is simply a consultation with a clairvoyant. It is very hard to predict what will come out of a clairvoyant reading. The clairvoyant will be able to tell you about the images they see but it is almost impossible know in advance what these images will relate to. The images might show something that you are currently going through, they could show a glimpse of the future, or they could be an image of an event in the past that is affecting you today.

If you ask a clairvoyant an open-ended question then they will be able to provide you with detailed answers and insights. The reason that a question should be open-ended is that it will leave the clairvoyant’s special senses unrestricted and free to associate all of the emotions and images that come to them during the reading.

Before having a clairvoyant reading, it is important that you find the correct clairvoyant for you. Luckily, many will offer you a few free minutes and this way you can get a sense of the person. Don’t forget to look through reviews first to make sure that the clairvoyant is offering appropriate services for you. You can also ask the clairvoyant questions about their psychic and spiritual techniques, their experience and any special skills they may have.

Remember that a clairvoyant reading can take time. The clairvoyant will be trying to use all of the clair-senses (hearing, smell, taste, feeling, etc.) to give you the best reading possible. There is nothing black and white about a hearing, everything is open to interpretation, and you will gain the most by giving the clairvoyant time to explore all of their senses.

There are actually six common clair-senses. Clairvoyance is the most famous of these. It is the ability to see things with the mind’s eye, an inner vision that gives people the ability to see events from the past, present and future. Clairaudience is the ability to hear people when they are not actually talking, as well as the ability to hear spirit guides and those who have passed on. Clairsentience is the ability to feel more emotions and understand them on a deeper level than others. Clairscent is a heightened sense of smell, such as the ability to smell fear or danger. Clairtangency is the ability to perceive textures beyond time and space. Finally, there is clairgustance, the ability to taste things beyond food, such as emotions.

Not every clairvoyant will possess all of the above clair-senses, but it is likely that they will have several of them. When combined, they give someone the ability to perceive things on a completely new level, and this way provide great insights.

Because of this range of senses and the many different types of clairvoyants, readings can produce a huge variety of information. For instance, a clairvoyant could deliver a message from the spirit world, or simply help with the location of a lost object.

Very often clairvoyants will look at your aura, the energy field that surrounds a person. They will be able to see images and colors in your aura, and possibly smell/test/hear as well, depending on their clair-senses. The reading should give you a better sense of your reality and an understanding of why some things happen. The clairvoyant will provide you with information that you can then use to change your life in order to achieve the desired result, whether in your career, love life, or any other matter.

That said, it is important to remember that clairvoyant readings are normally symbolic. It is very rare for the clairvoyant to have an image that can be understand and applied directly. The clairvoyant can work with you to help you understand the reading, and it is likely that you will discover many meanings as you spend more time analyzing things. Very often, the meaning of certain things only becomes apparent a while after the reading has taken place.

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Clairvoyant?

If you are thinking about having a reading, it is important that you understand the distinction between a psychic and a clairvoyant. A psychic will use the mind as the main tool when giving you a reading whereas a clairvoyant will use their clair-senses as explained above. Both will use their gifts to provide you with insights, but these insights are likely to be very different and will be useful for different things. Only you can decide which you think will be more helpful, but be sure to spend some time considering it before going for a reading.

Frequently Asked Questions
How to select the right clairvoyant for you?

Clairvoyance is an incredibly powerful gift and one that can provide great insights, but only if you are dealing with a genuine clairvoyant. That is why it is essential that you only talk to genuine clairvoyants. To help make sure of this, we suggest choosing one from our recommended psychic networks, as they all carefully vet their members in order to avoid frauds. You can then narrow down your search by things such as areas of specialty and price. Ultimately, you need to read through the clairvoyants’ profiles and reviews and then try those that you feel drawn to. Luckily, most psychic networks have an introductory offer or satisfaction guarantee, so you can try a clairvoyant without risking your money.

What should you do before talking to a clairvoyant?

There is not much preparation needed for a reading with a clairvoyant. The most important thing is that you make sure that you are feeling relaxed and open minded. The clairvoyant will be able to tune into your energies from the moment you connect with them. Some may ask for a few minor details, such as your date of birth, but many will not. It is good to know what you want out of a reading, such as a discussion on a specific area of life, so you can come with questions prepared. However, ensure that you are open minded enough to go where the reading takes you.

What type of questions can I ask a clairvoyant?

Essentially you can ask a clairvoyant about any aspect of your life that you are seeking guidance with, whether it is your family, love life, career, money, or anything else. However, the way you prepare and ask the questions can have a huge impact on the answers you receive. Therefore, it is best to try to avoid questions that can be answered with a yes or no. An active question, such as “How can I improve my satisfaction with xyz...” will give the clairvoyant the space to provide you with far more insightful and nuanced answers.

Is an online reading with a clairvoyant the same as an in-person reading?

Clairvoyants are able to tap into people’s auras and energies regardless of where they are based. This means that an online reading is just as beneficial as one conducted face to face. In fact, there are even some advantages to online readings. You have a much broader choice of clairvoyants to consult with and the reading will be completely anonymous, so there is no reason to feel embarrassed in any way.

Are clairvoyant readings about the past, present or future?

The wonderful thing about clairvoyants is that they are able to provide insights into all three. A clairvoyant may receive a vision of the past that affects the present or future, or a vision of the future. Most often, the visions will reflect current energies and clairvoyants may also see multiple versions of the future, all of which are equally valid. The clairvoyant will explain these visions to you and explain how they show different paths available to you and the way in which you can make choices about which to follow.

What kind of questions can I ask a clairvoyant?

Clairvoyants may have visions that relate to all areas of life and as such, you should feel free to ask them about anything that you are seeking guidance with. The trick to having a successful reading is to go prepared with open-ended questions. A clairvoyant will never claim that their visions are set in stone and they are certainly open to interpretation. As such, it is best to avoid questions that are looking for highly specific answers. Rather, seek to question them about general areas and you will have a far better chance of receiving insightful answers.

Is it normal to be nervous before talking to a clairvoyant?

Many people are nervous before talking to a clairvoyant for the first time and this is entirely normal. However, remember that clairvoyants are compassionate people who are there to guide and reassure. Even if they are presented with a troubling vision, they will help you understand its meaning and how you can address the issues it raises in a calm and constructive manner.

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