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California Psychics Review

California Psychics is clearly a highly experienced and extremely well run service. Their psychic vetting procedure is excellent and ensures that you will not find any fakes or frauds on the site. They have a fantastic range of psychics and you are sure to find the type that you are looking for, and thanks to their tier system, you will also be able to find psychics in your price range. On top of this is an excellent satisfaction guarantee ensuring you will never have a wasted reading. Thanks to all of this, it is an excellent service for anyone seeking a psychic.

Pros and Cons

Over 20 years' experience
Round the clock customer support
Three introductory offers to choose from
Huge number of psychics and specialties
No video readings
No free readings for new clients



California Psychics has been around since the mid-1990s and has more than two decades of experience with connecting people to psychics who can help them with a variety of issues and questions. The site is home to a huge number of psychics and has all the tools needed to help people find the right kind of psychic for them who they can then talk to over chat or the telephone.

The side has a three-tier system allowing users to find a psychic in their price range. They specialize in a huge number of areas including Love, Career, Money, Pet, and Mediums, and their psychics use the full range of different tools such as Tarot Cards, Numerology, Runes and Pendulums. They have a rigorous screening process before accepting a new psychic to the site, but there are still a large number available with intuitive search tools to help clients find the right psychic for them. On top of it all, they have a generous introductory offer and a satisfaction guarantee. Read on to learn all the details you need about California Psychics.

How California Psychics Selects its Psychics

It is not at all straightforward for a psychic to be featured by California Psychics thanks to their demanding screening process. The process takes about a month to complete and there are four stages to it. In the first stage, a prospective psychic needs to fill out a detailed application form supplying details of their skills and experience. If they advance to the second stage, they will then undergo two evaluations from the California Psychics team. This is followed by a background check. Providing the psychic passes all of these stages, they will then be asked to start filling in their California Psychics profile and begin a training program with guides on how the site works, how to talk to clients, and so on. The site claims that they accept just 2 out of every 100 applicants. Thanks to this, when you are looking for a psychic you can be sure that they are fully vetted, and on top of that, you can also see their public reviews, so you will know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Types of Readings Offered

At California Psychics you will find hundreds of psychics available to consult with. They of course have many different specialties and they will use a range of tools in their readings. You can talk to the vast majority of psychics over either telephone or online chat, but some psychics will only accept telephone readings. When you search for a psychic, you can search by Reading Topics (e.g. Love or Career), Psychic Abilities (e.g. Medium or Clairvoyant), Psychic Tools (e.g. Tarot Card or Numerology) and Psychic Style (e.g. Inspirational or Straightforward).

It is probably best to begin your search by reading topic to ensure that you find a psychic able to help with your specific queries. For instance, if you have questions about your love life then you can begin by selecting Love Psychics. They can help you understand any problems you may be having with your current relationship, tell you if you have met the right partner, or help you understand when you may do so.

If you are struggling with decisions about your career or finances then you could select Career Advice Psychics or Money Psychics. They will use their skills to give you advice about which way you should be taking your career, they can help with any major decisions that you are facing, give advice about which jobs to apply for and so on.

When it comes to selecting by psychic abilities, you have a huge range of options. You may not mind but if you are after a specific type of psychic then you can be sure that they will be there. For instance, you could consult a clairvoyant if you are looking for someone who has insights that are unavailable to others. Alternatively, you could consult a dream analysist if you are having troubles with your dreams. If you are looking to consult with someone who has passed on then you will want to consult with a medium psychic, and so on. Rest assured that California Psychics features all the main types of psychic abilities and some more on top.

If you have faith in a particular psychic tool then you can filter the psychics by which tools they use. For instance, if you are interested in someone who can read the Tarot or Oracle Cards then you will find many talented psychics who can do so. You will find psychics who read crystals, psychics that use runes, I-Ching, pendulums, numerology, and much more. All of these tools can be of great help in answering your questions, but they produce different styles of reading and it is up to you which one is best for you.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for from a reading, whether you want a specific type of psychic ability or to consult a specific psychic tool, California Psychics are sure to have a number of psychics available for fit your needs. You will also find other tools on the site including daily horoscopes and a blog that has a great deal of information for those new to the world of psychics.

How You Can Contact California Psychics’ Psychics

At California Psychics there are two ways of contacting their psychic advisors, you can either use online chat or call them. When you have found a psychic advisor who you wish to talk to all you need to do is call 1-800-207-0717, enter your 14-digit pin and your chosen psychic’s extension in order to be connected to them. If the psychic you wish to talk to is busy then you can arrange a callback and California Psychics will call you as soon as they are available. If you want to talk to your psychic online then just click on the ‘Chat’ button on the website and you can begin chatting straight away.

What Sets California Psychics Apart From the Competition?

A number of things that make California Psychics unique. First is the three-tiered pricing structure. The site has arranged its psychics into three levels based upon the demand for them and the individual psychic’s experience. It can be a great aid when searching for a psychic who fits your requirements and budget.

Of course, the site’s screening process is also unique and far tougher than many of its rivals. Thanks to this, you can be sure that all of the psychics on the site have been carefully vetted and that you won’t be wasting your money. Furthermore, the site also offers a satisfaction guarantee (more on this below) and this is added assurance that your money won’t go to waste.

California Psychics is also one of the few psychic networks to run a customer loyalty program. It is called Karma Rewards and with every purchase you make on the site, you will earn points that can be put towards future readings. It also gives customers the chance to enjoy special offers and discounts. 

Pricing and Promotions

When you join California Psychics you have the choice of three introductory offers that are linked to the three tiers of psychic featured on the site. The site’s psychics are split into New, Preferred and Premier, and they are grouped according to their popularity and experience. You can purchase 20 minutes with the New psychics for $1 per minute, 20 minutes with the Preferred psychics for $2 per minute, or 20 minutes with the Premier psychics for $4 per minute. After you have claimed the introductory offer there is no standard cost per minute in each tier. Each of the psychics sets their own rate and while many will charge as little as $1 per minute, some do charge as much as $10 or even as much as $15 per minute. However, you will always find a range of psychics available and should have no problem finding one within your budget.

Customer Service

If you run into any problems while using California Psychics you will find a huge knowledge base in the support section of the website. It is divided into easy to navigate sections with very clear answers to a wide range of questions. You can also reach the customer support team at any time via a toll-free number, while there is a separate number for international customers. Members also have the option to fill out a help ticket on the website or you can even reach the company via Skype. In short, the customer support team is always at hand.

Money Back Guarantee

California Psychics offers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with a reading then you can request a refund that comes in the form of account credit. You need to request the refund within twenty-four hours of the reading and you can only request it once for each psychic. Furthermore, it is capped at fifteen minutes’ worth of credit. However, thanks to this, you can consult with a new psychic safe in the knowledge that your money will not be wasted.

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California Psychics has more than 20 years of experiencing connecting people virtually with psychics who specialise in many different areas. They have a strict screening process for psychics, they offer a satisfaction guarantee, and they operate a customer loyalty program.
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