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Kasamba is an excellent service for those seeking to consult a psychic. The sheer range of specialties available is outstanding and within each category there many psychics who have very high ratings and excellent reviews. The ability to spend three free minutes with a new psychic is an excellent way of ensuring that you don’t spend money on an unsuitable psychic, and the money back guarantee on your first reading means that you can try Kasamba risk free. Thanks to all of this, Kasamba is an excellent choice for anyone in need of help from a psychic and it is certainly worth taking advantage of the three free minutes to discover for yourself exactly what is on offer.

Pros and Cons

A huge range of specialist psychics available
3 free minutes with every new psychic
Live consultations available 24/7
Satisfaction guarantee on the first reading
There are no video consultations
Some of the psychics are very expensive
Many psychics available making it hard to choose.



Kasamba is a relatively new online psychic service, but the company behind it has over two decades of experience in the field so it feels like a very well established site. It is primarily a chat-based service, but some of the hundreds of psychics do also conduct phone readings. The site will connect you with a psychic who you can then chat to through an instant messenger interface; you can then revisit these chats later in the logs in order to refresh your memory.

The psychics as Kasamba specialize in many different areas including love and relationships, dream analysis, fortune telling, astrology, numerology and more. When you are choosing a psychic, you can see their full profile, rating and reviews before chatting with them. All new members of the site are eligible for an introductory offer and it is possible to chat with an advisor free before committing yourself to spending money.

How Kasamba Selects its Psychics

One of the best things about Kasamba is that it doesn’t rely purely on user reviews. Anyone can apply to be a psychic at the site, but they will have to first be vetted. The process includes a background check, a test reading and a personal interview. Once a psychic has been approved, their profile then goes live on the website. However, the process does not end there. Kasamba continually monitors customer feedback to ensure that high standards are upheld. Furthermore, when you view a psychic’s profile you will be able to see information such as their rating, how many reviews they have, and all of the actual reviews. This way you can make an informed decision and avoid spending time with a psychic who is unsuitable for you.

Types of Readings Offered

There are a huge number of highly experienced psychics on Kasamba who specialize in many different types of readings. In general, all readings are conducted over chat, but some are available via email and telephone. When you visit the Kasamba website, you will see that they have seven main headings, Psychic Readings, Love & Relationships, Tarot Reading, Fortune Telling, Dream Analysis, Astrology Readings, and Career Forecasts. However, many of these have subcategories and there is a huge section labelled ‘More’. In short, no matter what type of reading you are looking for, it is more than likely to be available at Kasamba.

If you look at the Psychic Readings category, you will see that it includes Aura Readings, Crystal Readings, Pet Psychics, Psychic Mediums, Remote Viewing, Rune Casting, and UK Psychics. No matter which of these is relevant to you, you will be connected with someone who can use their ESP (extra sensory perception) to discover information from a higher perspective and help give you answers, clarity and advice.

The Love & Relationships category includes Breaking Up & Divorce, Cheating & Affairs, Gay & Lesbian Friendly, Marital Life, Parents & Children, Single & Dating, and Soulmate Connections. Thanks to this wide range, Kasamba clearly has psychics that can help with all aspects of relationships, both romantic and nonromantic. The psychics may use a variety of methods, such as cards, guidance from the spirit world, or numerology, but no matter the method used, they will help you reach the right decisions.

Those interested in Tarot Reading will find subcategories dedicated to Angel Card Reading and Cartomancy. The site is home to many talented Tarot readers who are trained in spirituality and mysticism to read the cards and bring you their messages. An Angel Reading uses a special oracle deck to bring messages from guardian angels, spirit guides, and loved ones while in the Cartomancy section you will find many other types of card readers.

Fortune Telling is one of the main reasons that people consult with psychics and at Kasamba there are hundreds of fortune tellers who use various different methods to read your future. You will find psychics who read coffee beans, tealeaves, cards, crystal balls, pendulums, astrology and more. There are plenty of psychics to choose from, no matter which method you are looking for.

If you are looking for help understanding your dreams then Kasamba has many psychics who can help. They will help you to understand your subconscious through your dreams and can bring you clarity on a wide range of issues.

You can have a number of different types of astrology readings at Kasamba including Chinese Astrology and Vedic Astrology. There are always numerous astrologers available to give you a reading and you will find many that have very high ratings.

The other areas covered by Kasamba including Palm Readings, Paranormal, Universal Laws, Numerology, Eastern Philosophy, Past Life Readings, Intimacy, Occult, Graphology, Picture Readings, Financial Outlook, Kabbalah, Psiquicos, New Age Spirituality and more. Amazingly, even within these categories there are subcategories, for example, New Age Spirituality contains Astral Projection, Empowerment and Intuitive Behavior, and Universal Laws contains Law of Attractions and Best Psychics.

In other words, Kasamba offers almost every type of reading imaginable. With such a large range of areas covered and so many psychics to choose from, you are virtually guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

What Sets Kasamba Apart From the Competition?

The thing that really sets Kasamba apart from the crowd is the sheer number of different types of psychic readings on offer. There are so many different specialties that you are certain to find what you are looking for, whether it is a standard reading or something a little more esoteric, such as Kabbalah or pet readings.

Kasamba also offers far more horoscope readings than many other sites. You can receive daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, as well as a monthly career forecast and a yearly love forecast. Best of all, you can view these horoscopes on the website free of charge.

Recently Kasamba launched a mobile app, making it one of the few psychic services to have one. With the app, you can connect with a psychic at any time and in any place, making it easier than ever before to have a reading.

Pricing and Promotions

Every time that you try a new psychic at Kasamba, they will give you three minutes with them for free. You will also get 50% off of your first session. Thanks to this, you can try a number of psychics and not have to worry about money while finding the right one for your needs.

The psychics on Kasamba set their own prices so there is a huge range. You will find that some charge as little as $1 a minute while others can charge as much as $25 a minute or even more. However, thanks to the huge number of psychics offering their services, you should have no problem finding one in your price range. 

Customer Service

If you run into any problems while using Kasamba’s services then you will probably find the answers you need in the Service Center. There is a huge knowledge base divided into sections such as General Information & Questions, How To, Connecting to an Advisor, Client Payment Questions, and more. Each of these sections is full of helpful articles that are well written and easy to understand.

If you can’t find the information that you are looking for then you can open a new Support Ticket and they will do their best to answer you as quickly as possible, nearly always within 24 hours. There is also a live chat option in the Solutions Center and this is often the best way to get quick answers.

Money Back Guarantee

Kasamba offers a satisfaction guarantee for your first reading and offers a refund of up to $50. You need to submit your request within seven days of the reading. You can also request refunds on readings after your first and Kasamba promises to consider the request.  

Psychic Source Review

Rating and Reviews
6251 votes
Recent Customer Reviews
05/31/2019 Olive Wright
Legit and reliable. I will be visiting kasamba very often from now on.
06/19/2019 Sam J Mc Nulty
The tarot reading was very helpful, positive, and uplifting. I am so hopeful that everything will work out. Sascha Owl is a sweet, nurturing, positive person. Her energy radiates pure love.
06/30/2019 Lincoln D Costa
Really enjoyed the reading, will definitely come back when I need to talk again or when I’m in doubt. Answered all my questions with many details.
08/03/2019 Robert Simkin
I tried a free psychic chat at Kasamba and found the psychic so impressive that I immediately signed up. The psychic knew so much about my life and he was able to give me some advice that has really helped me.
08/03/2019 Karen Lewin
Sophie gave me some really wise advice. She has an amazing talent and I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance.
08/03/2019 Kim Leopold
After my reading with Ann I felt so energized. She could really read my energies and was able to help me find new focus and direction.
08/03/2019 Ed Simpson
I’ve spoken to Rebecca at Kasamba a number of times and every time she gives me new insights and helps me deal with a wide range of issues.
08/03/2019 Jessica Reddit
I had a consultation with Zoran about some career problems I was facing and he really helped me find the right way forward for me. I would highly recommend him to anyone facing a big decision.
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Kasamba offers members chat and telephone psychic readings in a huge range of specialty areas such as Dream Analysis, Fortune Telling, Love, and so on. The site offers free introductory chats with new psychics and it also has a mobile app for readings while on the go.
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