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Mystic Sense Review

At Mystic Sense, all of the psychics are carefully vetted to ensure that they are genuine, and it is possible to read reviews from previous clients. Mystic Sense greets all new member with a generous 5 minutes free, and there is a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that customers can use the service with confidence. The site also stands out for allowing customers to search for psychic by style, such as compassionate or direct, and this truly sets it apart from other similar services. In short, anyone looking to consult with a psychic advisor would do well to begin his or her search at Mystic Sense.

Pros and Cons

A wide range of psychic tools and specialties
Genuine customer reviews available
Many ways of contacting a psychic
Careful vetting system to ensure only genuine psychics
No mobile apps for on the go readings
Deposit required before free trial



Mystic Sense is a relatively new online psychic service, but it has quickly grown into a large community of genuinely gifted psychics. The website is home to a huge number of advisors that cover a wide range of specialties, such as love life, family, and career, and they have a range of gifts and use different tools, such as clairvoyants, tarot readers, and astrologers. As such, the service is able to cater to a huge range of needs.

Mystic Sense seeks to help customers find a “path to success” through consultations with carefully vetted advisors. Members of Mystic Sense can reach out to a psychic at any time through live chat, SMS, telephone calls or video calls. The service is highly affordable, with many psychics charging as little as $1 per minute. Furthermore, there is an excellent introductory offer as well as a satisfaction guarantee.

How Mystic Sense Selects its Psychics

Anyone can apply to be a psychic at Mystic Sense simply by filling out a form. The service goes to great lengths to check the identity of applicants, and potential advisors must supply a scan of an official ID, such as a passport or driving license. This way the site can be sure that its psychics are using genuine photos. The applications are assessed, and some will be invited for interview. The interview is designed to find out more about the applicant’s ethical stance and experience and they will also have to carry out a demonstration reading. If successful, applicants will then have a meeting with an account manager to explain the technological side of the service. They also carry out regular assessments and periodical internal audits of all psychics on the platform, and they remove those who do not meet the quality standards. This way, Mystic Sense is able to uphold the highest standards at all times.  

Types of Readings Offered

There are many different types of psychics and psychics use a range of different tools. In order to help you find the type of psychic that you are looking for, it is possible to filter by both specialty and tool. There is a huge range of specialties listed, and in many cases, they are subcategories of broader topics. For example, rather than just looking for a love psychic, it is possible to look for specialties such as “Affairs & Cheating Hearts”, “Breakup & Divorce”, “Finding New Love”, “LGBTW Relationships”, “Toxic Relationships”, and “Soulmates”.

The other specialties on offer include “Family Issues”, “Friends & Social Life”, “Career and Money”, “Live Path & Destiny”, “Spirituality & Psychic Ability”, “Lost Objects”, and “Grief Counselor”. The best thing to do is first select the appropriate specialty, and then look into the different types of physic tools. The tool used is completely independent of topic, in other words, regardless of the tool a psychic uses, they will be able to help you with all specialties.

For example, you may wish to talk to a medium, who have the ability to act as a bridge between this world and the next. They can receive information from those who have passed and help you to understand the messages that are being passed on. Most obviously, those who are grieving often choose this type of psychic, but they can also be a very powerful tool for those seeking advice from lost loved ones.

The psychics at Mystic Sense do not only deal with humans. There is an entire category of Pet Psychics. These will be able to help you better understand your beloved pets, whether you own cats, dogs, or any other type of animal.

Those looking for insights into any area of life may wish to turn to a clairvoyant. They are able to use their inner eye to read your energies and aura and help you gain a clearer perspective on whatever issues it is you are consulting about. Even at a distance, clairvoyants are able to give accurate readings and help people find the answers they need.

Similar to clairvoyants are clairaudients. Rather than using an inner eye, they have a third ear that allows them to receive messages from spirits and other higher beings. This way they can pass on messages and help you find the clarity that you need.

The tarot is one of the oldest known psychic tools. There are many skilled tarot readers at Mystic Sense who are able to provide you with a detailed and accurate reading. You can pose your questions directly to them and they will help you understand exactly what messages are contained in the cards.

Similarly, the service also hosts numerous astrologers who are able to use your birth chart to provide insights into your character, your strengths and weaknesses, love life, career, and more. By providing them with an accurate time and place of birth, they will be able to carry out an incredibly detailed reading.

You will find many more types of psychics at Mystic Sense, such as energy healers, empaths, dream interpreters, life coaches, those who use numerology, cartomancy, runes, crystal balls, and more. There are holistic healers, reiki practitioners, meditation specialists, and so on. In other words, no matter what type of psychic you are looking for, you will have no problem finding one that fulfills your needs.

How You Can Contact Mystic Sense’s Psychics

There are many ways of talking to a psychic at Mystic Sense, ensuring that customers can always find a convenient method. Under each psychic’s photo, there are buttons for each method of contact. You can talk to a psychic via live chat, SMS, telephone or video call. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method, and each will provide a different experience. However, with such a range of methods available, it is more than likely that everyone will find a way of communicating with a psychic that suits their needs.

What Sets Mystic Sense Apart From the Competition?

Some things truly make Mystic Sense stand out as a psychic service. For a start, the website has an incredibly friendly and welcoming tone, and the chat window that appears as soon as you arrive is a genuinely helpful tool. Furthermore, the team behind the service are highly responsive and will normally answer live chat requests within seconds.

Something that is truly unique is the ability to search for a psychic by reading style. While nearly all psychic services, including Mystic Sense, allows you to search by specialties and tools, the reading style search filter is unusual and very helpful. It is possible to filter by Compassionate, Direct, Expressive, Thoughtful, and Wise. Receiving a psychic reading is a highly personal experience, and this filter will help customers find psychics whose tone and style is best suited to them.

Another excellent aspect of the website is the breadth of articles available to members. These deal with a wide range of psychic related topics, astrology, love, spirituality, career, psychology, tarot and more. Furthermore, the Community blog is also a feature not found elsewhere. It provides a space for members to connect with one another and share their stories, reach out for advice, and learn about psychic development.

Pricing and Promotions

All new members of Mystic Sense are offered five minutes free as an introduction to the service. The money will be credited back to a customer’s account after the end of their first reading, and there is a maximum of $15 available.

The individual psychics at Mystic Sense are able to set their own rates. Some of them charge less than $1 a minute, which is far cheaper than other websites, and even the more expensive ones are usually in range of the $5 per minute and none is more expensive than $10 per minute. The average price is around $2.50 per minute, making it a highly affordable service.

Customer Service

If anyone runs into any problems while using Mystic Sense then there is a great deal of helpful information available via the website. The Help Center is home to a large FAQ section that deals with all kinds of issues, such as how readings and payments work, and more. There is also a ‘Community’ blog on the website that contains many interesting articles about psychic readings and related topics.

Anyone in need of further assistance can reach the customer support team through a variety of methods. They can be contacted through live chat on the website, through email, or via an online contact form. Mystic Sense also has a strong social media presence with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube accounts, and they can be reached out to on all of these platforms.

Money Back Guarantee

Mystic Sense offers a satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not happy with their reading, they can receive the time back to talk to another psychic as long as they request it within two days of the reading. It is possible to receive up to 20 minutes back and the time will be refunded within three business days after the request has been reviewed. It is possible to request a refund once per psychic advisor. First-time customers are also able to request a cash refund rather than time back, but they may be prevented from using the service in the future.

Psychic Source Review

Rating and Reviews
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Recent Customer Reviews
11/18/2020 Jenner Harrison
I consulted with Ayla after going through a difficult divorce and she provided me with invaluable insights into my future and my path through life.
09/06/2020 Andrew Giora
I spoke to the medium Shelly at Mystic Sense after a dear friend passed and Shelly’s incredible gift allowed me to say my final farewells and provided me with great comfort.
11/22/2020 Daniela Heller
I found myself struggling with some major career choices but the advice I received from Daniel helped clarify the issues and point me in the right direction.
08/11/2020 Dave Hobs
I’ve been consulting with psychic mediums throughout my adult life and there is no doubt in my mind that Lisa is one of the best I have ever come across.
06/30/2020 Martin Andereson
I turned to Mathew for an astrological reading and I was stunned at the level of detail and the range of insights he was able to provide me. He is clearly a hugely talented astrologer with a fantastic understanding of the field.
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Mystic Sense is a powerful resource for anyone seeking advice form a psychic. The website is home to a vast number of psychics with a range of skills and specialties, ensuring that everyone will be able to find one that suits their needs.
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