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AskNow offers everything you need to find a high quality psychic reading. There are numerous, well vetted, psychics on the site with a range of specialties who are available around the clock to give you readings. Better yet, the site has a generous introductory offer and a satisfaction guarantee, so you will be getting excellent value for money. Anyone looking to consult a psychic would do well to visit AskNow.

Pros and Cons

Numerous psychics available via phone and online chat
iPhone app for easy access
Generous introductory offer
Free daily horoscope
No option for a video consultation
More expensive than rival services



AskNow is a hugely experienced psychic network that was one of the first to offer its services online. They have a huge number of psychics listed on the site who are able to help with all kinds of issues such as love life, career, dream analysis, tarot reading and more. The site is also home to a wealth of information on psychic readings and horoscopes, and there are also video guides on topics such as ‘How to Get A Great Psychic Reading’ and ‘Is There a Best Psychic?’

Clients can contact AskNow’s psychics using live online chat or the telephone. The psychics are available around the clock and there is always a large selection available. Potential clients are able to see a psychic’s areas of expertise, their credentials, and any reviews that have been left for them. There are some fantastic introductory offers for new customers, and the site also has a satisfaction guarantee, so you can enjoy a reading without worrying about the cost. Read on to learn more about what AskNow has to offer and the psychics that it features.

How AskNow Selects its Psychics

Everyone who wants to be a featured psychic on AskNow has to go through a rigorous application and screening process designed to prevent any frauds or fakes joining the service. First, a potential psychic will have to fill out a detailed application form that includes their credentials. If the form is accepted then they will be interviewed and tested by AskNow. As the website says, “All of our psychics are thoroughly screened, scrutinized, tested and handpicked by our highly experienced Psychic Managers. Only a small fraction of the hundreds who apply are accepted into our exclusive network of psychic advisors.” They claim that just 1 in every 85 applicants is given the title “Certified AskNow Psychic”. Thanks to this process, you can be sure that the site only features genuine psychics. Furthermore, you will be able to see each psychic’s full profile, which includes reviews and feedback left by previous clients.

Types of Readings Offered

AskNow is home to a huge number of psychics that specialize in many different areas. Furthermore, the psychics also use a variety of different tools in their readings. You can connect with their psychics by telephone or chat, and there are always a huge number online and available for readings.

If you go to the main Psychics page then you can filter the available psychics by reading type, their price, and the category. There are nine categories in total, Love & Relationship, Money & Finance, Careers & Goals, Tarot Readers, Spiritual Guides, Numerology, Astrology Readings, Past Lives and Dream Analysis. No matter which of these categories you look in, you will find plenty of psychics to consult with.

Unfortunately, the AskNow search capabilities are slightly limited. For instance, there is no way of searching for clairvoyants. However, if you look through the psychics it very quickly becomes obvious that there is almost every type of psychic available on the website. As a result, it is best to search for the area that you are looking for advice in, and then look for a psychic that uses the tools that interest you.

For example, if you choose to look at the Psychics in Love & Relationships then you will soon see that there are clairvoyants, clairaudients, clairsentients, claircognizants, tarot readers, dream interpreters, mediums, and far more. If you do not know what these different types of psychics are then it is worth spending a bit of time researching first as knowing will help you to find the right psychic for you. You will find a great deal of information about this on the AskNow website, and a careful look through the articles will help direct you to the best psychic for you.

AskNow is particularly impressive if you are interested in astrology. To begin with, it offers free daily horoscopes dealing with topics such as love, career and money advice. It also has a number of master astrology advisors who you can consult with for a more in depth reading.

Regardless of which type of psychic you are looking for, you are sure to find one on AskNow. Just choose the category that is relevant to you, and you will quickly see that there are plenty of psychics offering a whole range of readings, including some rarer ones that you may not find on rival services (such as a vibrational uplifter). 

How You Can Contact AskNow’s Psychics

AskNow gives you the option to call their psychics or chat with them online. If a psychic is available to take calls then you will see a “Call” button next to their listing, if they are available to chat then you will see a “Chat” button. You also have the option to phone 1-800-2-ASK-NOW (1-800-227-5669) and then enter your psychic’s extension number to be connected. The site also allows you to schedule calls in advance, so you can be sure of your chosen psychic being available. If your psychic is online but not available then you can use the call back feature and the site will contact you as soon as they are available.

What Sets AskNow Apart From the Competition?

There are a number of things that make AskNow stand out from the crowd. For a start, it offers very detailed profiles of its psychics. If you click on a psychic’s profile, you will find a wealth of information starting with the basics such as how much experience they have and how many readings they have given. There is a summary of the categories they can advise in and their credentials. The profile then moves on to an about section written by the psychic. You will then be able to see any reviews that have been left for them.

You will find even more information about the AskNow psychics in the Psychic Spotlight section of the website. There you can read in depth interviews with some of the site’s featured psychics giving you even more insights into the way they work and the ways that they can help you. In other words, you have access to a huge amount of information about the psychic before you commit to spending money on a reading. 

Another nice aspect of the psychic profiles is the ability to schedule a call with them. You will be able to see their availability and can effectively book a slot to ensure that they are available when you are.

The AskNow video guides also help to make it stand out from the crowd. If you are new to the world of psychics then you will find videos that deal with all the basics that you need to know. You can sit back and learn about who should get readings and why, how readings work, how often readings can be helpful, the differences between the different types of psychics, and more.

AskNow also have an app for iOS that gives you quick and easy access to their psychics from your smartphone. The app will also give you daily horoscope readings and access to other helpful and informative articles.

Pricing and Promotions

AskNow has broken down its pricing structure into three tiers of psychics, Top Rated, Elite and Master. There are no fixed prices for each of these bands but a Top Rated Advisor generally costs from $3.99 to $9.99 per minute, and Elite Advisor costs $10 to $12.99 per minute, and a Master Advisor costs $13 a minute and upwards.

New members of AskNow have the choice of a number of introductory offers to get them started at the site. They can choose between 20 minutes for $20 or 30 minutes for $30. The minutes can be used with Top Rated Advisors. Whichever package you chose, you will also receive five free Elite/Master minutes.  There is also the option to ask a free question after you have bought an introductory package. Simply fill in the form with your question and a psychic will get back to you with a free answer.

Customer Service

AskNow prides itself on offering excellent customer service. If you run into any problems while using the site then you will find the answers to the most common questions in the FAQ section. The answers are very well written and easy to understand. If you have more questions then you can contact the customer support team through email or on a toll free phone number. Not only are the customer support team happy to help with any queries or concerns that you may have, but they are also happy to help you find the right psychic for your needs and answer any questions you may have about the psychics featured on the site.

Money Back Guarantee

AskNow offers a satisfaction guarantee so that you can try their service without feeling as if you are risking money. If you feel that your first psychic reading is not good enough, then you should end it and contact customer support. They will then credit your account for up to five minutes so that you can then find another advisor who is better suited to your needs.

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03/31/2019 Jenise
Ann was so insightful, I couldn’t believe the things she knew and she really helped me find a new direction.
08/03/2019 Diana
I turned to Sandra at AskNow after my husband passed and she helped me say a proper goodbye to him and reassure me that he is in a better place.
08/03/2019 Michael
My reading with a psychic from AskNow was fantastic; the psychic was amazingly understanding and understood all of my issues. She gave me some really helpful tips and made some predictions that are already coming true
08/03/2019 Benjamin
Whenever I talk to a psychic from AskNow I’m really impressed by their intuitiveness and their ability to see things that I would never have otherwise known.
08/03/2019 George
I had a wonderful reading! It was truly insightful and I came away feeling so much better about some of the issues I’m dealing with.
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AskNow is home to psychics who are able to help in many different areas, such as Love, Careers, Dream Analysis, and more. They provide members with huge amounts of information about their psychics and a refund is available if you are unsatisfied with your first reading
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