Zodiac Psychic Profile: Leo

Those born under this zodiac will have birthdays that fall between July 23 and August 22. This date range is appropriate, as Leo is known for being a strident and proud sign. Both are qualities one needs to endure the pinnacle of the summer season and the harsh but enriching qualities it imparts. 

Seen as natural leaders, Leo zodiacs are dramatic, proud, dominant, and tough to resist in their ability to achieve individual goals. 

While Leo zodiacs can be seen as immovable in their tenacity and convictions, they are admired for their loyalty and unifying personalities. 

Leo zodiacs enjoy being involved in shared causes, achieving common goals, and being a reliable source of support for those who may not have the constitution or confidence to achieve on their own. What’s more endearing about Leo zodiacs is their ability to take missteps in stride and provide brevity to any situation with a healthy sense of humor. 

Leo is also cunning when they need to be, coming up with novel solutions to problems that emerge in personal and professional settings. 


  • Fire 

Leo is represented by the element of Fire. This element is most commonly linked to creativity, passion, humor, and generosity. Being natural leaders with charisma and drive, Leo zodiacs can bring people together and provide direction when most would be happy to just give up and move on to the next challenge. 


  • Amethyst is a great balancing stone to counter the forceful energy of Leo. This stone will temper passion and drive while enhancing Leo’s emotional acuity. Adding intelligence to innate leadership qualities makes for better decision making and fewer stresses along the way. 
  • Onyx is a grounding gem that will drive away stress and negativity. Helping to overcome fear and self-doubt, onyx imparts Leo with the inner strength to believe their path is truly the right one when thoughts of inadequacy creep into the mind. 
  • Garnet is a stone that enhances loyalty, strength, and courage. The deep red mineral brings with it a sense of vitality and charisma that Leos’ confidence benefits from and outward personalities are drawn towards. 
  • Rose quartz is a channel for Leo’s emotional release. A softening stone for the heart, acceptance of faults and shortcomings improves Leo’s overall quality of life and self-image. 
  • Carnelian is a creativity stone that enhances the passion and vitality of Leo. Improving the inner power and confidence of the Leo, happiness follows suit and a sense of focus helps to counter Leo’s tendency to get caught up in themselves. 
  • Citrine is a foundational gem that provides grounding and confidence in Cancers. These individuals can look to citrine for certainty, perspective, and the ease needed for rigid environments Cancers may find themselves part of. 

Symbol: The Lion 

A natural ruler and king of the jungle, Leo is synonymous with all the qualities of its celestial embodiment in the lion. 

This symbol embodies Leo’s natural ability to lead in the face of uncertainty with bravery and conviction. 

Just as within the pride in the savannah, Leo is capable of being a bridge between groups and working to achieve higher accomplishments. What’s more, is that Leo demands more of his or her compatriots and rewards their effort with good times that follow in equal potency. 


Because Leo is ruled by the Sun, orange and yellow hues most aptly characterize the sign when it comes to colors of social and charismatic leadership. Orange is a social and inviting color that draws in people who are open and eager to know others, especially those in positions of power. 

This also fits in with the seasonality of Leo’s zodiac, which falls in the heart of summer. 

Yellows and reds are bright and warm colors synonymous with the Leo as well. Offering bold accent and strength, these colors are never far from Leo’s wardrobe or décor. 


Bright and boisterous flowers are what typically couple with Leo well. These include sunflowers and marigolds. These flowers are grandiose, pomp, and have a commanding presence in the landscape. 

Orange and yellow lilies and roses are also held in high regard among Leo. 

Psychic Strengths Of Leo 

Leos are clear winners when it comes to the social dynamic in everyday life. These individuals are kind, generous, warm-hearted, and passionate. Their influence can command a room or virtual setting and they are quick to make forge new relationships. 

They are also quite creative and have a wicked sense of humor that further serve to draw in followers and friends. 

Psychic Weaknesses Of Leo 

Many Leo zodiacs will, unfortunately, suffer from headstrong tendencies, much like Aries, the ram. In their arrogance and stubbornness, Leo can lose friends and colleagues in the workplace. 

When perceived as self-centered and inflexible, Leos can be ostracized and apart of the pack they may have endeavored to join together. 

The Relational Powers of Leo 

To understand the power of Leo at it exists today, we need to frame those observations within the confines of modern society. In this case, we refer to the dynamic relationships Cancer create, support, and grow in a variety of roles and functions. 

We break down this analysis into the varying relationships of our daily lives. 

Professional Relationships  

Leos are leaders of the boardroom, social media, and interpersonal relationships. They revel in challenging times and are quick to brainstorm unique approaches to challenges, especially in cooperative environments. When the chips are down, Leo can be counted on to rally the troops and boost morale. 

Romantic Relationships 

Leo is passionate individuals and their physical relationships bloom as a result. Happy to take charge and dominate the dynamic, these individuals are quite loving and dutiful to their partners, despite what contraries outward appearances may convey. 

Familial Relationships 

Leo is fiercely protective of their families and is loyal through and through. Anyone with a warm-hearted and strong-willed Leo in their family will tell you this. 

That said, it is not without its challenges to be a child of an overprotective Leo or parent to a stubborn, lion-hearted child. 

Platonic Relationships 

When it comes to platonic relationships, Leo is always there to lend their friends a helping hand. These individuals are bastions of confidence and can find the good in any situation while relieving the tension of tough situations with well-timed jokes. 

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