What is an Aura

All celestial bodies, inanimate objects, and living organisms exude electromagnetic fields. While the power of those fields varies greatly from one example to the next, this field is what we refer to when we remark something’s aura. 

There are many schools of thought and many different perspectives on auras between communities, religions, cultures, and mystic schools of thought. 

Just as the scientific community would refer to an aura as an electromagnetic field, the spiritual would refer to such energies as auras. In short, they are two sides of the same coin. 

Using the example of contrast above, we can surmise that the rational and logical school of thought is concerned with the electrochemical exchanges and activities taking place in an electromagnetic field. The spiritual school of thought is concerned with the way this energy represents a person, animal, or object in their truest sense. 

Both perspectives are concerned with the energy produced by these fields, which can be further refined down to vibrations. These vibrations are apparent across a wide range of frequencies. We refer to this range as the electromagnetic spectrum. They generate light in wavelengths we can perceive and those that are invisible to us. The earth’s magnetic field can be seen in form the Northern Lights. 

That’s right, from the largest bodies to the tiniest particles, these vibrations can be detected and recorded using the electromagnetic spectrum and wavelengths of light. In the case of psychics, auras can be detected and deciphered using visually or physically acute perception. 

Going further on the topic of auras and the atomic and subatomic vibrations constantly being emitted from all things, every action also exudes an aura. Thoughts, emotions, sounds, and many other parts of our daily lives produce auras, whether we are conscious of them or not. 

Now, it may seem we are heading into the spiritual exploration of auras too quickly. So, let’s ground the topic back on its scientific basis. 

We know that everything is made of atoms. Those atoms are in a state of constant motion, or vibration. Our bodies, clothes, personal effects, and objects we interact with are considered solid because those particles are vibrating close to one another. The air around us is less dense with vibrating atoms, though they are still there. 

We can pass through the air because it is less dense than we are. The same is true of water, which is denser than air but lesser than we are. However, air and water are not able to pass through us and go around us instead. 

Now, what about electromagnetic energy, like microwaves and radio waves? Microwaves pass through food, exciting the water molecules within to vibrate and create heat. Radio waves enter our homes and cars to deliver broadcasts of every kind. These energies pass through all states of matter with varying degrees of difficulty, taking the path of least resistance in each case. Some people believe the wave produced on the 5G spectrum are something to be concerned over, though there is currently little science in support of such theories. 

These theories of electronics crating dangerous energy fields date back to the first cell phones and even earlier. However, that has not stopped them from becoming a ubiquitous part of our daily lives. 

Now, back to the spiritual side of energy fields. At this point, we should be able to agree that energy can be stored in an array of mediums and broadcast or emitted in a range of frequencies. 

If we shed our technological achievements and return to the primal world of stones, crystals, and other basic mediums, the same is true in their case. The sun is capable of transferring heat energy into a stone where it can be stored. Sound can be stored in stone, as well. 

A spiritualist, or psychic in our case, can commit energy into these primal mediums to bestow positive and negative energies into them. In some cases, we might refer to such an item negatively as cursed, and blessed in the positive sense. 

These mediums are basic, and they have simple structures that can be inclined to a given type of energy. We, humans, are much more complex. Minerals have crystalline structures with very little variation. Humans, on the other hand, are composed of carbon, liquid water, and a host of other compounds that make us and all other life on earth quite unique. 

As the primal medium absorb and emit energy, so do we. A psychic can perceive these energies, positive and negative, in the form of auras within and emanating from our bodies. Their interpretation is further refined through the color those energies assume. 

The Aura Portrait 

An aura portrait is a means of classifying the shape and balance of an aura. For example, and aura will surround the body with curvature or rigidity. It will be centered or lean heavily to one side or the other. 

There are meanings to each of these arrangements and the color of an aura will further reveal insight into a given auras energy. 

Beginning from the highest point of the aura, above the subject or object, we can ascertain consciousness and focus of thought. This is the given energy an aura exudes in the present moment. A tight band of color arching across this space indicates the nature of hopes and aspirations. If it is broader, the aura indicates extroversion or a desire to adventure beyond current boundaries. An aura closer to the silhouette will indicate introversion and the desire to be alone or focus inward. 

The left side of the body represents energy from outside sources. It can be energy in cultivation or what is desired. This energy is considered creative and rooted in emotion. 

The right side of the body is energy being expressed. It is considered the energy you give to others and relates to physical change or past experiences. 

There are two additional areas of focus within the body: the heart and the throat. The latter will emanate energy in the form of vocal expression. Orators, singers, and others who use voice as a medium will have a greater focus here. The heart will indicate internal feelings, emotions, and connections. 


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