Aquarius Psychic Powers Of Zodiac Signs

Those born under this zodiac will have birthdays that fall between January 20 and February 18. This date range lends itself appropriately, as Aquarius is often associated with forward-thinking. What better way to characterize that quality than starting each New Year of the Gregorian calendar? 

As distinctive, inventive, and imaginative thinkers, Aquarians are imbued with tremendous energy. This leaves them naturally drawn to the occult and esoteric. The power of clairvoyance is said to be innate in those born under the Aquarius sign. This gives those individuals the ability to perceive what others cannot. This ability is most often observed in Aquarians’ ability to receive sudden flashes of ideas, inspirations, and other strange influences. Influence is another skill Aquarians possess. The inquisitive nature and ability to decode people’s underlying motives, feelings, and desires make Aquarians especially suited as empaths or manipulators. 


  • Air 

Aquarius is represented by the element of Air. This element is most commonly linked to ideas, information, and thought. 


  • Amethyst is said to balance the oftentimes headstrong personality and stubborn temperament of Aquarians. This is considered the power stone of Aquarius, with the strongest energy of the Aquarian crystals. 
  • Sodalite a binding agent for Aquarians’ logic and intuition. With this union, perception is heightened. 
  • Angelite dissolves the filter of truth, allowing Aquarians to sidestep humans’ innate aversion to discomfort and conflict. Angelite bolsters compassion and tolerance. 
  • Hematite helps to contain the sporadic nature of Aquarius. Hematite helps to abate emotional extremes, anxiety, and stress. 
  • Moonstone provides the gifts of grace and elegance. Another balancing stone, Moonstone gives Aquarius the open mind required for growth and new experiences. 
  • Apatite is a meditation stone, quieting the busy mind of Aquarians and sharpening intuition and aid in clearing the path to clairvoyance. 

Symbol: The Water Bearer 

The symbol of the water bearer signifies the giving nature of Aquarians, though their gifts may not always come as welcome to their recipients. Aquarians is notorious for being able to deliver hard truths, no matter what the consequences. 

That said, the water of the bearer’s vessel is said to wash away the pains of the past, allowing for new life to flourish. 

A natural teacher, the Aquarian is apt to give unbiased wisdom based on their advanced perception and experience. 


Blue is a soothing color that coincides with the mental fervor shared among Aquarians. This color is encouraging of innovative though and helps soothe the active mind. Aquarians are tied to both the sky and water through their element and symbol, respectively.  

Electric colors, like silver and yellow, represent the thought process of Aquarians and sporadic creativity they also possess. 


Plants that produce brilliant and temporal blooms are commonly associated with Aquarius. This includes, bird of paradise, orchids, their brilliance is temporary, though abundant, and radical when in full bloom. 

Psychic Strengths Of Aquarius 

Aquarians are almost too conscious of the world around them and the subtle cues given communicated through behaviors. They can read not only situations and atmosphere, but Aquarians can also read people to a stunning degree. This power can be towards benevolent or selfish ends. They are gifted with a vision towards the future, often far beyond what those around them are capable of envisioning. Aquarians naturally want to upset the status quo in search of change. 

Psychic Weaknesses Of Aquarius 

Aquarians have difficulty remaining focused. Their eccentric and hyperactive minds can lead them to dwell on irrelevant things and lose their way. 

Their eccentricity can also be discounted as fad or fringe ideas unworthy of serious consideration. We can find many examples of this in popular culture representations, like movies and films, where clairvoyant warnings are ignored or dismissed by other characters as beyond the realm of possibility. 

Their scattered nature also precludes Aquarius to sudden outbursts and extreme reactions. 

The Relational Powers of Aquarius  

To understand the power of Aquarius at it exists today, we need to frame those observations within the confines of modern society. In this case, we refer to the dynamic relationships Aquarians create, support, and grow in a variety of roles and functions. 

We break down this analysis into the varying relationships of our daily lives. 

Professional Relationships  

Aquarians are people with purpose, they love to serve and prove their value. To reach that end, they need a professional position that allows them to achieve and fully-utilize their complete breadth of power and skill. 

Decision-making is a key characteristic of the Aquarian professional. You’ll find an ample number of these individuals as key stakeholders and influencers within businesses and organizations. 

Eccentricity and creative thinking provide that Aquarians are not intimidated by technology or change. In fact, they are apt to upset the standard in pursuit of the innovative. 

Romantic Relationships 

Open friendly, and often mistaken as aloof, Aquarians are keen on being friends before becoming lovers. Compatibility and friendship are among the most important relationship characteristics of Aquarians. Superficial relationships are easily identified by them and quickly excised. 

However, is displays of affection and attachment are what you are after, the Aquarian will likely not fulfill your desires. A position of dominance or independence can be key identifiable traits of this psychic sign. 

Additionally, the empathic mind of an Aquarian ensures they are loyal and faithful to the causes and individuals they believe in most. 

Familial Relationships 

Aquarian children can be difficult due to their energy and independent nature. Parents who try to curtail these characteristics will find themselves constantly battle their child. 

Aquarian behavior can be unpredictable at any age. Finding a balance, or foil, to their energy or positive channel for it to be expressed is the best way to handle a partner or child with the energy of an Aquarius. 

Fostering environments filled with routine, experimentation, and discovery will enable a healthy way for these individuals to express themselves and respect the sensibilities of those around them. 

Aquarian children do well with educational settings that are outside of the norm, encouraging all of the Aquarian traits like experimentation, inquisitiveness, analysis, and interest in Science etc will guide them from a young age. Having said that though, they thrive the most when in a stable situation providing routine. 

Platonic Relationships 

The inquisitive and mindful nature of Aquarians leads sees them gravitate toward unique hobbies that revolve around astronomy, the occult, science fiction, and experimentation. 

Aquarians will often seek friendships built on similar interests and moral/ethical beliefs. As a result, they seek out membership and positions in technology roles, politics, and charitable organizations. 

By providing positive energy, support and guidance to their relationships, many people seek out friendships with Aquarians. However, Aquarians themselves entertain these relationships to a certain extent and prefer to confide in only a few close friends. 

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