Clairsentience – The Sensational Psychic Power of Clear Feeling

While you may have heard of clairvoyance, the ability to “see clearly” beyond normal perception, chances are you may have overlooked the psychic power of clairsentience. 

What is Clairsentience? 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it can be most easily described as being able to “sense clearly”. This sort of extrasensory perception goes beyond the human response to stimuli. Clairsentience allows psychics to perceive the subtle energy that is always present, though beyond most people’s abilities of perception. Of all the psychic powers, it is the one most rooted in the here and now. 

Can you perceive energy emanating from unseen sources? Do you feel a tingle up your spine in certain situations, only to turn and find someone’s eyes on you? Do you feel overwhelmed in large gatherings? Are you able to pick up on the vibe of a given atmosphere or situation as soon as you enter the scene? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be exhibiting signs of Clairsentience. 

While it may seem like cause for celebration on the surface, Clairsentience can be a downright exhausting power for psychics to exhibit. That’s because they generally don’t have any means of controlling their extrasensory perception, but rather they must endure it whenever it presents itself. 

How To Tell If You Are Clairsentient 

While we gave a few examples of clairsentience in the section above, there are other behaviors that you may identify as indicative of clairsentient power. 

Empaths are often clairsentient. It makes sense that the two should go hand in hand based on their connection to the sensation of feeling. In this sense, we take feeling to mean the instinctive perception, rather than the physical senses. However, clairsentience can present itself through the physical senses as a sort of signal to the empath. 

Now, how can one tell they may be clairsentient beyond the tell-tale “vibes” most people can experience day-to-day? Let’s look at your behaviors beyond the psychic realm. 

Are you able to function normally in a cluttered space, or do you need order and cleanliness to feel functional? This is one example that may strengthen the case for your clairsentience. Because clairsentient empaths are so sensitive to the places they occupy, the simple state of being organized can have a huge impact on their ability to function. In this case, cluttered spaces can leave you feeling impeded, like you have to sidestep constantly to get anything done. On the other hand, ordered spaces and cleanliness may allow you to think and act unburdened by the interference disorder can present to you. 

Another example behavior may be adding or removing light, sound, or objects from a situation to make the atmosphere more inhabitable without being asked. People nearby may agree that things are better following your changes and thank you for taking the action. 

Are you especially sensitive to changes in temperature? This may be as simple as being poorly dressed for a situation, but one explanation may be your ability to sense unseen energy around you. This energy can present itself in hot or cold temperatures. 

Finally, are you able to tell whether good or bad memories are tied to a place? Perhaps you can identify when a type of action took place at a location without anyone telling you the history of that spot in particular. This extrasensory perception borders on a shared psychic tether with clairvoyance, the gift of clear sight beyond the here and now. 

How to Train Your Clairsentience           

No psychic enhanced their gift through sheer will alone. It takes time and training to enhance your innate psychic gifts. Here are a few ways you can encourage the psychic gift of clairsentience. 

Focus - By separating yourself from the distractions of the world and quieting your busy mind, you’re able to focus. Through this act, you can become more aware of your body and its surroundings. As a result of your meditative efforts, you will feel more in-tune with the energies around you. This includes those that are stagnant or in motion, positive or negative and those that are youthful or ancient. A consistent and determined meditative practice will help to enhance your gift. 

Mindfulness – a time-honored practice to ground one’s self, in reality, being mindful of your feelings in any given situation helps you to focus. This focus, through practice, can enable you to be more precise in identifying those eerie feelings and sensations that visit you throughout your life. This will also help you to determine the message these sensations and feelings are communicating. You’ll be able to recognize recurring sensations and patterns that follow your feelings when they interact with certain personalities, places, and moods. 

Recordkeeping – this effort will supplement the aforementioned training exercises. Like any good experiment, taking notes enables you to see where you have performed well or poorly in the past. Being able to refer to your notes can also reveal what you were unable to interpret at the moment. This could lead to great revelations about people, places, and objects. 

Using Your Gift Of Clairsentience 

Now that you may feel confident you have the gift of clairsentience, the time has come to decide what you will do with that gift. There are many ways to use your powers of clear feeling for the forces of good. 

Accompanying a friend to meet a new boyfriend or girlfriend and giving your honest impression could save your friends time and pain, or let them know they’ve begged a winner. 

Surveying a new home or potential venue for a new business, you can give insight into how the energy of space may provide a boon or a bad buy for anyone you choose to assist. 

These are only a pair of examples of how you can use your clairsentience for good. Train your gift and identify how many ways you can use it for good, you won’t regret it. 


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