Clairaudience – the psychic power of clear hearing

While most spiritualists have heard of the powerful psychic powers of clairvoyance and clairsentience, clairaudience is not often heard of; pun intended. 

If you are unfamiliar with the power of Clairaudience, this is a form of extrasensory perception that allows a psychic or another attuned individual to hear what others cannot. This power can manifest in many ways. While it may seem innocuous on its face, without proper training a psychic might be driven mad by the onslaught of sound in the human and spiritual realms combined. 

How To Tell If You are Clairaudient 

While many of us have moments where we can swear that our minds are playing tricks on us, psychics can identify whether these instances are just a coincidence or actual spiritual phenomena. To identify whether or not you have clairaudience, we suggest reading a few of the below examples. Depending on how many of these scenarios you can say you have experienced, you might be gifted with the psychic power of clairaudience. 

Do you prefer quiet solitude over being in the middle of the action? If loud environments leave you feeling overwhelmed and holding your head, you may consider yourself auditory sensitive. While not outright indicative of Clairaudience, being anxious to get away to some peace and quiet paints a picture of someone more attuned with their own sense of hearing. 

Introversion, while linked to a withdrawn disposition, is a predominant personality trait among empaths. Their stimulus emerges from internal sources. As a result, they tend to look inward for sources of inspiration and creativity. That’s not to say the Clairaudient shun interaction and large gatherings. It is simple enough to say that their powers are unique and compelling, but can easily be drowned out by the stimuli of our everyday lives. For those who want to focus on their gifts and escape the din of daily life, introversion is an understandable source of solace. 

Did you have imaginary friends growing up? Maybe your parents told you your friend was a passing phase. Maybe you told them they were real, and in your mind, who is to say they were not. However, it’s not outside of possibility that your imaginary friend or friends had in fact been spirits communicating with you. Being free of the rigid expectations and responsibilities of adulthood enables children to be more open to such interactions. It may be worth revisiting the conditions by which you were able to communicate with your imaginary friend. In doing so, you could rediscover a path to hearing the spiritual voices around us all the time. 

Is Music can move you physically and emotionally? Well, this may sound like a silly question. After all, who doesn’t love music? That said, some people simply cannot sit still when music rings through the air. Perhaps you even feel emotionally stimulated at the sound of harmony or melody. Being able to turn experience and insight into compositions of your own further supports an exceptional aptitude for all things aural. 

Are you a person who hears deeper meanings in people’s words? This could be a signal of your extrasensory ability to interpret what someone really means when they tell you something else? This could manifest in many ways. For example, you might know when someone is really sad, even though they deliver news with a smile and cheerful attitude. Perhaps you can easily decipher a message embedded in a vernacular that avoids others present from understanding. This ability to hear what goes unsaid is an innate talent among those with clairaudience. If you possess this skill, the case for you having this gift is made stronger. 

Keep in mind, none of these examples above are indicative of clairaudience on their own. However, the more of them you exhibit, the higher your chances of fitting the bill for a clairaudient becomes. 

How To Develop Your Clairaudience 

While it may come as a surprise, just like with musical performance, you really can train your clairaudient ear. The development of clairaudience is not difficult. With the innate ability, steady and focused training can enhance your abilities and empower you to gain even deeper insight into your psychic powers. Here are some ways you can practice to enhance your gift. 

Listen. Sure, it may seem a bit on the nose. However, becoming more of an active and attentive listener will enable you to get to the root of problems, find solutions, and examine potential outcomes more easily. When you are not listening to others, listen to the world around you. Do what you can to minimize the distraction of other senses, like smell and sight. Placing all of your focus on sound will train your ears to pick up even more minute cues from the auditory realm. 

Question. Notice how that wasn’t a question. Force yourself to question things more. Not just in the physical sense, but asking questions of the metaphysical. With enough skill and patience, you may get an answer back from another plane of existence. 

Focus through meditation. By learning to tune out the distractions of the outside world and look inward, your powers can be focused and amplified. Not only can you use the power of meditation o support your psychic gifts, but it will also benefit other areas of your life. 

Practicing these skills and others on a regular schedule will ensure your gifts are nurtured to their fullest potential. At the point you are capable of focusing your energies and amplifying your clairaudience, you may be able to act as a psychic amplifier of voices beyond our realm. 

Now you know a bit more about Clairaudience, how to tell if you might share the gift, and how to build those innate talents into powerful tools. Use this knowledge and your abilities to help others and be a force for good in the world. 


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