Zodiac Psychic Profile: Cancer

Those born under this zodiac will have birthdays that fall between June 21 and July 22. This date range is appropriate, as Cancer is the zodiac sign most commonly associated with great change and growth. This can be observed in the spirit of growth life experiences between the spring and summer transition. These individuals falling under Cancerare among the most sensitive of the signs and are ruled by their empathy and emotions.

These individuals are known for going “all the way” in everything they do because it does not behoove them to take a half-hearted approach to any endeavor. This can include everything from relationships, to work, to creative projects and the like. 

With great depth of character and emotion, Cancer can be caught up in their internal tidal action, which may be why they are commonly associated with marine life and the moon. 


  • Water 

Gemini is represented by the element of Water. This element is most commonly linked to emotion, depth, conviction, and mood. Being intuitive and emotionally adept, these individuals are known for compassion, clairvoyance, and imagination. 


  • Ruby is among the most potent gemstones for Cancer. Symbolizing passion, courage, and strength, ruby enhances the confidence and devotion that Cancers need to further develop their psychic aptitude 
  • Red jasper is another grounding stone, like ruby, that enhances the vitality and passion felt by Cancers. With the goal of self-actualization in mind, red jasper shapes the rough edges of empathy and provides spiritual protection for when these individuals inevitably put themselves out on a limb. 
  • Rhodonite is an independence stone that will enable to Cancer to feel freer from its necessity for partnership. It’s not always practical to require someone by your side, which can join two incompatible personalities. Rhodonite can help ease that need. 
  • Emerald brings positivity and hope to situations wrought with difficulty and uncertainty. By bringing balance to the unpredictable emotional state of Cancers, Emerald offers peace and stability when needed. 
  • Carnelian is a creativity stone that enhances the imaginative faculties of the Cancer. Inspiring new waves of creativity and artistic expression, carnelian can make manifest the dreams of a Cancer into reality. 
  • Citrine is a foundational gem that provides grounding and confidence in Cancers. These individuals can look to citrine for certainty, perspective, and the ease needed for rigid environments Cancers may find themselves part of. 

Symbol: The Crayfish/Crab 

Protective and nurturing, the Cancer is represented by the crab. While these subtle individuals may seem outwardly passive, they invest in and value familial life and relationships above all. Their emotions change as often and as predictably as the tides with which they are associated and will make feelings based on intuition rather than logic or reason. 


Blue hues are most commonly associated with Cancer zodiacs as this color is synonymous with emotion, water, and depth. Additionally, the inherent feelings of trust that blue colors impart can be another reason why the color is associated with Cancers. These people can be emotionally available to a fault and are not afraid to be there for people they know well and may have just met, equally. 

Cancers enjoy nature thoroughly as well, which brings many green hues into their life. Also, a color symbolizing tranquility, Cancers seek out that cool temperament to match their often private nature. 


Cancers are often associated with the white rose, which has a character of elegance and grace as well as distance, which can match their subdued personality. 

Psychic Strengths Of Cancer 

Cancers are deeply and emotionally loving people. As the most nurturing of the zodiac signs, Cancer is often considered to be the most compassionate and loving people in their social circles. Finding satisfaction in sharing and support those around them, Cancers enjoy a great sense of fulfillment when they can help others navigate difficult emotional obstacles. 

 Psychic Weaknesses Of Cancer 

Because Cancers are so emotionally attuned, they can often be considered to be overly inquisitive into the personal lives of others. These individuals are direct and, though they operate with the best of intentions, they can give an impression of being clingy or nosy. 

The Relational Powers of Cancer 

To understand the power of Cancer at it exists today, we need to frame those observations within the confines of modern society. In this case, we refer to the dynamic relationships Cancer create, support, and grow in a variety of roles and functions. 

We break down this analysis into the varying relationships of our daily lives. 

Professional Relationships  

Cancers are great collaborators and always have a differing viewpoint to share. They may come off as a busybody in the workplace because they are always trying to communicate and get to a deeper source of a problem when that may not be the case. Their attitudes can also border on passive-aggressive, which may turn off coworkers if they are not understanding of the Cancer’s personality. 

Romantic Relationships 

As with most of their close relationships, Cancers are fiercely loyal and will bend over backwards to ensure their loved ones are supported and taken care of. This can result in broken hearts due to the Cancer being willing to go all-in on romance. If things don’t work out, these individuals can be devastated, taking long periods to recover and find the strength to enter into new romances. 

Familial Relationships 

As with their romantic partnerships, the familial relations of Cancers will enjoy the enduring support and love they are sure to receive. 

Cancers will listen to anything a family member has to say and reserve judgment. They only want what’s best for their closest relations and cancers will go above and beyond to ensure those relationships are kept in constant good standing. 

 Platonic Relationships 

Cancer zodiacs will undoubtedly be the best shoulder to cry on or best friend to seek advice from in a group. These individuals are always there to lend an ear and offer emotional support. However, their devotion to friends can come off as clingy and make friends feel smothered if not given enough space. 

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