Taurus Psychic Powers Of Zodiac Signs

Those born under this zodiac have birthdays that fall between April 20 and May 20 of the Gregorian calendar. 

Taurus are another stubborn and headstrong sign. However, with that mental fortitude and spiritual constitution, psychic powers in the form of perception through contact. In having physical interaction with another individual, Taurus is said to have the ability to understand and perceive the person’s aims and objectives. This ability to understand what people are after enables Taurus to pursue their own ends. 

Taurus is also known to heavily favor material pursuits in life and tend to gravitate towards personal enrichment. In this case, the end goal is all that matters and those who push the sensibilities of others to the side will find themselves being wholly consumed with life in pursuit of the hedonistic. 

That said, Taurus who manage to stay on the straight and narrow can have their cake and eat it too. While they may not trust their own intuition, Taurus can rely on logic and practicality to govern their advancement in any situation. 



As a zodiac represented by earth, Taurus is considered to be grounded and approach problems from a position of rationale. 

Taurus are steady goers as well, willing and able to follow through on the long game and endure the routine for a consistently positive outcome. 


  • Emeralds are synonymous with the earth and a deep green gemstone that bolster the powers of Taurus. This gemstone is synonymous with wealth and prosperity. 
  • Malachite is another green gemstone closely tied to Taurus. This stone is said to be a source of balance and provide perspective ready to accept the less-than-perfect. 
  • Peridot is a soothing gem for Taurus and will provide the rejuvenating properties needed to counteract the continuous effort of this zodiac. 
  • Aquamarine is another stone that provides perspective for Taurus. In tempering this zodiac’s stubborn attitude, aquamarine allows Taurus to let go of the things they cannot control. 
  • Lapis Lazuli is another well-known gemstone that Taurus can benefit from incorporating into their gem regimen. An ancient stone, Lapis Lazuli has healing and regenerative properties, which are a wonderful boon to the enduring Taurus. 

Symbol: Bull 

The Stubborn and steadfast nature of Taurus is aptly represented by the Bull. While the physical strength and imposition the bull may impart, Taurus are far less confrontational than their horned counterpart, Aries. 

Taurus is grounded psychics governed by Earth as their natural element. This makes them predictable and imbues them with almost unearthly resolve to achieve goals and provide security. 


Taurus are sought out as natural leaders and bastions of confidence. They enjoy the carefree lifestyle of a steer in a pasture as well as completing a hard day’s work. 


Taurus are a green-oriented zodiac. This is fitting, seeing as they are tied to the earth and their most powerful gemstones share the same hue. 

This color also represents the vibrant nature and growth Taurus experience as they progress in their personal and professional paths through life. 


The poppy is synonymous with Taurus. A strong and enduring a perennial display of vivid colors. 

Both a humble and refined blossom, the poppy is alluring to many and has a rich history of use in decoration, medicine, and recreational drug use. It is a flower that appeals to all backgrounds and classes. 

Psychic Strengths Of Taurus 

Taurus is represented by the bull and share the animal's same stubborn mindset and formidable physical strength. However, Taurus also possess great strength of will. Even if a Taurus in your life may not have an imposing physical stature, they likely possess an above-average determination. 

Working with their hands is another significant strength of Taurus. These individuals excel at manual pursuits and tasks to the level of artisan and routinely make names for themselves as having a superhuman dedication to their craft. 

Psychic Weaknesses Of Taurus 

Taurus doesn’t do well with a sudden change to their routines. Unexpected deaths, relationship complications, and general anxiety-inducing environments can put Taurus on their heels. 

To combat these discomforts, Taurus surround themselves with comforts and pursue ends that make them feel satisfied in an immediate and physical sense. 

Additionally, Taurus can be possessive of objects and relationships. This can turn people off of sharing friendships and romantic partnerships in Taurus who exhibit those qualities in the extreme. 

The Relational Powers of Taurus  

Taurus are known to be born leaders and they can imbue those powers into those around them. The confidence and stubbornness of Taurus can be misconstrued as arrogance more often than not, though these individuals namely consider their course worthy of pursuit and endeavor to see their efforts to the end. 

When it comes to relationships, these qualities can emerge for better and for worse. 

Professional Relationships  

Taurus are known to play the long game in business. They understand that change doesn’t happen overnight in the vast majority of cases. The resulting clashes of professional powers can turn colleagues off when having to work with a headstrong Taurus. However, those efforts often result in a net positive, regardless of the perceived difficulty presented in working with a stubborn coworker. 

Romantic Relationships 

Taurus are very affectionate lovers. They make every effort to satisfy the desires and needs, both physical and emotional, of their partners. 

Considered well-rounded, Taurus are compassionate people who know how to express their sensitivity and deliver attention in all the right ways. 

Familial Relationships 

Stability is important to Taurus and that starts at the home. Taurus have a special affinity for helping raise children and guide them successfully into adulthood as productive members of society. 

In any setting, Taurus seek out a reason to congregate and family gatherings are seldom missed. 

Platonic Relationships 

Taurus are notoriously dependable friends and will stick with their closets compatriots through good times and bad times without wavering. 

Being level-headed and often unafraid to steer a conversation to the rightful and honest end, Taurus are straight-shooters when it comes to diving into serious topics. 

Serving as a dependable shoulder to cry on, Taurus are sure to make any friend feel loved and valued. 


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