Psychics Predict that Prince Charles will Never Be King

Joan Hanger, an expert dream analyser who is renowned throughout Australasia and the publisher of six books, two of which have been international bestsellers, recently made a prediction about the possible future king of England.

Hanger was Princess Diana’s exclusive dream analyser and over the years, she helped Diana gain an understanding of her dreams’ meanings. Speaking recently, Hanger revealed that Diana always believed that her former husband, Prince Charles, would not become king, despite being next in line to the throne.

Hanger said, “She [Diana] said that she thought he would never be king. She’d see him beheaded in her dreams and, of course, that has lots of connotations because in our dream world it can subliminally play on words like ‘losing your head’, or ‘getting ahead’, or big issues like that. But when he did appear in her dreams, she sort of didn’t seem to know where he belonged; there were issues of dominance there.”

Recently, when Prince Charles was self-isolating, her prediction came close to becoming true as Prince William was asked to step into his role.

Hanger also said that Diana would often dream about being lost, “That really is a sign of losing your identity, and she just couldn’t find out where she was going, what her future was. It also is a sign that you’re trying to conform with outside expectations of who people think you are, and they don’t really reflect who you are.”

Prince Charles is now thankfully healthy once again and out of self-isolation. However, with Queen Elizabeth II still going strong, it remains unknown whether Diana’s prediction will be realised.

Royal Psychic Predicts the End of Harry and Meghan

Joan Hanger is far from the only person to make predictions about the future of the royal family. The psychic Georgina Walker has recently predicted that Harry and Meghan’s recent departure from the royal family is the beginning of the end for the institution.

Speaking on a radio show recently, she also said that she believes that six-year-old Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, will never be king. Speaking about the long term future of the royal family she said, “I said when George was born he would never be king. And he won't be. William will be the last king... [and] it will be over. This is the start of the changes that I feel.”

Walker said that she predicted the split in the royal family as long ago as last year and also claimed that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage will last no more than five years. She said, “When I first saw them getting together, I saw Sarah Ferguson, over the top of Meghan, and I knew that Sarah didn’t fit in with the royal family, and I knew that Meghan wasn’t going to fall in with the royal family.”

She also compared the pair with the life of Edward VIII who abdicated in 1936 so that he could marry Wallis Simpson, “I saw a great similarity before the former king of England, who married a divorcee from America, who gave away his title and moved away, and that’s what I saw for Harry”.

She went on with her shocking predictions saying, “When they first came together, I told Channel Nine that I gave them 10 years. Now they’ve been together approximately four years, so this will finish. I give them five years and then it will be over. And what’s going to happen to Harry? At the moment he’s thinking he’s free. But he hasn’t had to sing for his supper, as before he got a salary. Now it’s going to be 'I’ve got to sing for my supper'. And they will make millions, but at the end of the day, he desires a family. He wants stability, he wants love, he desires a family. And she’s gonna be running the race and it will not last!”

Numerologist Makes Further 2020 Royal Predictions

The numerologist Rose Smith has also made a number of royal predictions for the coming year. She was rather more positive about the upcoming months for Harry and Meghan. In numerology, Meghan Markle’s name adds up to a two and her birth date a four. According to Rose, this makes her organised and not afraid to complete a job. However, she believes that her family will always be Markle’s top priority and believes that there is a chance of her falling pregnant this year with what will be a “daddy’s girl”.

Rose said, “The second child will be coming soon. I think this is a girl but the girl is like a boy in some way. Maybe very bold, very forthright, doesn’t take criticism, won’t put up with rubbish, outspoken, direct and the opposite of her brother.”

However, she believes that Archie is destined for great things and is likely to enter the creative industries as a musician or artist of some kind, “I don’t think he’ll go into the theatre or do what his mother did. I don’t think he’ll be an actor. He’s got a very artistic, musical personality. Also ecology, the earth, the forest, climate change. He’s got principle and morals and he’s a beautiful person.”

Rose also believes that the crown may not end up with Prince Charles, but could skip straight to Prince William. She said that in 2019 she got the idea that the Queen was preparing to hand the crown down. “It’s in the next couple of years, and I’m not sure it’s going to Charles. It could go to William, if it goes to Charles, it won’t be for very long. William is the one that’s supposed to have it and he’ll have it a long time.”

Amongst her other predictions for the year ahead is that he Queen will begin to step back from duties while Prince Phillip will have new and exciting opportunities, but needs to be careful with his health as she feels he has “blocked energy” in his chest. With the current pandemic raging around the world, it looks set to be a tough period for the entire Royal family.

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