How To Tell You Are A Psychic Empath

Do you sometimes feel hypersensitive to the emotions of others? Can you instinctively read the feelings of the people around you? 

If so, there’s a good chance you are an Empath. 

Empath’s are people who interpret and experience emotion with extreme sensitivity. This sensitivity is often referred to as a form of extrasensory perception (ESP). This form of psychic energy draws the empath to other people, despite the propensity to often become overwhelmed by the addition of external emotional energy. Empaths are even known to feel others’ physical pain. 

To cope with this phenomenon, Empaths need to train themselves to shield their minds and bodies from these external energies. These healthy boundaries will ensure an empathy will feel overwhelmed or feel less pain as a result of their interaction with individuals and groups. 

Perhaps the most famous empath of all will be Deanna Troi of the Starship Enterprise. However, empaths are walking among us every day. They may not be able to read peoples true emotions, like Counselor Troi, or maybe they can. Maybe you can. 

In many circles, the abilities of an empath are considered a psychic gift. It may extend beyond the human emotional spectrum, as well. You may be gifted with the ability to feel the thoughts, emotions and pain of animals and even plants. 

The Benefits of Being A Psychic Empath 

Being an empath can feel amazing at times. You have a natural ability to read people and they confide in you. 

Being a bastion of understanding and providing a deep connection to those who are feeling anxious and alone is a rewarding experience. 

When those around you are elated and celebrating, the shared sense of enjoyment is exhilarating. 

Psychic empaths have the benefit of turning their emotions up to eleven, enhancing experiences, relationships, and building bonds with people that run deeper than most people understand. 

However, being an empath isn’t all good times. When things are dark and gloomy in the heads and hearts of those you love, and even complete strangers, it can weigh heavy on you. 

The Downsides Of Being A Psychic Empath 

The downsides of being an empath are in no short supply, either. 

Empaths cope with the constant barrage of energy whenever they are around individuals and groups. As an empath, you may feel physically and emotionally drained, as a result. It’s not uncommon for empaths to seek solitude as a means of recharging. 

Extreme mood swings may result when experiencing the changing moods and feelings of those you come in contact with throughout the day. This can leave you feeling unstable. You may find it to be nothing more than an inconvenience or annoyance, but it can also damage your relationships if those mood swings can’t be kept under control. 

While empaths relish the highs of happiness, joy, and ecstasy, they feel negative emotions just as powerfully. This can lead to bouts with depression and even manifest as symptoms of physical illness. This may require you to avoid people for your own sake, despite your deep need to help them resolve their issues. This leads us to the next topic of how to nurture your empathic abilities. 

Nurturing Your Empathic Abilities 

Someone who is just discovering their empathic abilities, or acknowledging their powers for the first time may not know how to control the emotional debris surrounding them. 

It’s important to understand the nature of empathy because it is an energy that takes more than it gives. Keep in mind that this is not necessarily a bad thing. 

Because an empath is naturally drawn to people’s emotions and feelings, they are curious, sensitive, and kindhearted by nature. Giving yourself to another’s emotional whims can sap your energy. It happens in everyday people, too. However, your energy may be drained at a substantially larger rate. 

To cope with this, you must understand that it is important to first take care of yourself. Understand when an emotional state is too much for you to address at any given moment. 

It is also important to know when to withdraw, rest, and renew your own energy. You can’t help anyone if you are constantly training yourself without ever taking the time to recover your energy. 

So, how do you recover your energy? How do you shield yourself from unwanted emotions? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to learn about boundaries. 

Why Empaths Need Boundaries 

In short, the answer those questions we asked earlier is setting up boundaries. Boundaries for yourself and others. This ensures you are putting a proper value on yourself and understanding when it is time to take a step back from a situation. This can even lend a perspective that eluded you at the moment. 

With a renewed sense of purpose and perspective, you can more effectively help others in their time of need, not just with emotional support, but the correct approach to that support. With experience in understanding your boundaries and training your abilities, you will gain the wisdom of knowing when and how to help others more effectively. 

Some ways to set up boundaries include: 

  • Maintain perspective. Don’t get caught up in the moment. 
  • Don’t make commitments in medias res, before you’ve had time to evaluate and come to a conclusion based on the information at hand. 
  • You don’t have to rely solely on intuition. Use the resources available to make important decisions. 
  • Run scenarios in your head to have a plan in a given set of circumstances. 
  • Don’t be all things to all people. Understand that you have limits and can only help so many people at once. 

Your Journey As A Psychic Empath 

How many of the discussed characteristics and skills an empathy experiences do you share? 

Whether you’re just starting out on your spiritual journey or consider yourself an experienced psychic, empathic power can be both useful and dangerous depending on how well you understand them. 

The benefits are abundant and potent. The drawbacks equally so. It’s of the utmost importance you continue to investigate these powers of yours to ensure you control them and not the other way around. 

Nurture your gift and set up your boundaries to ensure you are in control, able to deliver the help those around you need and can avoid succumbing to the intensity that comes with being a psychic empath. 

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