Canadian Psychic Predicts the End of Coronavirus

People often turn to a psychic for advice when they are facing uncertainty in life and have some important decisions to make. At present, the world is going through an unprecedented time and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has caused a great deal of uncertainty for people across the world.

No one knows when life will return to normal and people are understandably concerned about their futures. As a result, many have turned to psychics for guidance and reassurance during these difficult times.

The Canadian psychic Heather Zais from Kelowna has known of her gifts from a very young age. When she was just eleven years old, she began to have visions of her future about the next two decades of her life.

For the last three decades, each year Zais has been making predictions for the year ahead by using her psychic gifts. On January 3rd this year, Zais made her predictions for the year of the rat, which began a few weeks later on January 25th. Those who follow Chinese astrology will recognize the Rat as one of the zodiac signs and the marker of a new 12-year cycle.

Predicting the Coronavirus

For years, Zais has been proving sceptics wrong with her remarkably accurate predictions that have come true more often than not. This year, she predicted that there will be more focus on water, food, housing, work and security than usual, all of which have come to the forefront during the coronavirus outbreak.

Zais has predicted that this year will be full of surprises and she has urged people to pay more attention to finances ensuring that they are investing and securing funds carefully. In an interview with the Kelowna Capital News the psychic said, “Money that comes easily should be diverted into something more secure as a buffer against leaner times. The 1930s could be brought up as a point of comparison.”

While Zais says that she hasn’t seen an increase in clients since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, she says that those who do turn to her are full of questions regarding the outbreak, “Most people are concerned with what will happen after. They are more concerned with what’s coming after that because I have told people ‘this is not a long-term thing and we will get past this’. Usually, a reading will cover the next two years ahead and (the virus) is not part of it.”

Things Will Go Back to Normal

Those who are worried about the coronavirus can take solace from her predictions as she does see things getting better in the near future. She has predicted that things will begin to turn around in the coming months and that the coronavirus will not be a long-term problem. “People do have to be cautious, but don’t be afraid. Fear knocks the immune system down and gives the virus a place to take hold of.”

Zais is a psychic of many gifts and she utilizes them all to make her predictions. She is a clairvoyant, a telepath and also says that she has a form of x-ray vision. When making her annual predictions, she makes use of astrology, moon cycles and tarot cards to gain her insights.

According to Zais, she comes across many sceptics but believes that there is a good reason for this. She thinks that there are too many fake psychics who distort the good work that genuine psychics carry out and believes that people should approach a psychic reading with an open mind.

In the interview she said, “All I can say is check it out. Everybody believes so many different things in the world but you have to have a personal experience for yourself. Because there are so many charlatans in the business I advise people to be skeptical.”

Zais’ Predictions Go Further

In what can be seen as a further coronavirus related prediction, Zais wrote, “Pay attention to finances. Invest and preserve on all levels. There can appear to be more bounty or wealth than really exists. In some areas, it is just the calm before the storm. Take necessary measures to recover from and fend off poverty. Put a survival plan into action.”

She said that this year would be ruled by the number four as if you add the digits in 2020 together that is the result. In what appears to be a highly accurate prediction about the effect of the coronavirus she says, “The number four also indicates things coming to ground or halted.”

That is not all, Zais also warns that there may be some very high profile deaths, including royals (whether royals by birth or marriage). She also believes that there will be changes in duties and titles as some step down or step back, which may also relate to the recent change in circumstance for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Zais has made a number of other predictions for the coming year. Writing about the implications of the year of the Rat, she suggested that people do their best to avoid escalating situations and to keep things sociable. She also believes that there will be major changes or improves to air travel and electric vehicles. She believes people will be seeking more independence.

How Psychics Can HelpYou

If you are suffering during this difficult time then a psychic may be able to provide the support that you need. There are many different types of psychics and they have a wide range of gifts. If you are facing uncertainty in your career, relationships or any other area of life due to the coronavirus then a consultation with a psychic may help you to find new directions and to see your problems in a new light.

Above all else, it is important to remember Zais’ predictions that this will not last forever and things will return to normal. Until then, the best we can do is try our upmost to manage and gather strength and support from wherever we can to guide us through these trying times.

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