Libra Daily Horoscope

The symbol of Libra is The Scales. Libras are born between September 23 and October 22; the sign is in the Seventh house and the ruling planet is Venus. Libra is an Air sign and in general, Air signs look to form connections with all twelve signs of the zodiac while remaining light-hearted. As mentioned, the Seventh House is ruled by Venus, together with Saturn. Venus represents love and beauty and Saturn represents wisdom and patience, making Libras a perfect blend of the two.  

Libra Free Horoscope

Libra was first recognised as an independent constellation in ancient Rome, and it began to represent the scales held by Astraea, or Dike, who according to Greek mythology, was actually associated with Virgo. In ancient times, the stars of Libra were mixed with those of Scorpius, but the Romans always considered them separate.  

Here you will find a full examination of just what it means to be a Libra. We will look at personality traits of Libras, how they conduct affairs of the heart, their approach to careers and finances, and more.  

Libra Free Horoscope 

The Personality Traits of a Libra 

In general, Libras are fair and gentle people who hate to be alone. They seek out partners who they can use to reflect upon their actions and provide the same service in return. For Libras, life is all about balance and symmetry, and they are continually pursuing justice and equality, a theme that is often central to their lives. This can lead them to avoid conflict at almost any cost and they usually adopt the role of peacekeeper within a group.  

As an Air sign, Libras have a strong intellect and a curious mind. They will find inspiration in engaging books, intellectual discussions and debate, and generally, from anyone who is highly opinionated. However, Libras need to act with caution as they tend to become caught up in a debate and then may find themselves forced to take a side, leading to the realisation that they are with the wrong people. It is important for them to remember that their own opinion is always valid.  

The presence of Venus in Libra’s house brings with it peace, love and harmony. Libras prefer to have joyful and calm relationships with others, meaning that they are slow to anger and they will not hold grudges for long. They possess a wonderful ability to genuinely forgive, forget and move on. This is largely because central to a Libra’s life is their relationships with others. They seek happy and fulfilling relationships and they find it very easy to hold long-term friendships. However, Libras must be careful not to sacrifice too much of themselves when working to ensure that a relationship or friendship lasts.  

Just as the symbol for Libras is the scales of justice, Libras seek fairness in everything that they do. Libras are excellent at considering all sides to a situation and then looking for the most honourable course of action. They will take into account all points of view and ensure that everyone feels that their perspective has been considered before deciding on what to do.  

Because of this, Libras are excellent at being diplomatic and working to reach compromise with others. They are excellent with words, giving them the ability to charm and convince others. Thanks to their ability to see two sides of a story, they can be extremely persuasive and find the middle ground in any conflict.  

Of course, a natural offshoot of this is that Libras are highly considerate people. They are able to understand the needs of others and when they should be put first. It also means that they are wonderful at making good first impressions, as they know how to be polite, friendly, and behave with impeccable manners. In general, a Libra will do his or her best to avoid any kind of behaviour that could be seen as unpleasant by anyone around them, meaning that they are widely liked and respected.  

One of Libras’ greatest gifts is their ability to do this by instinct and without any worry. They simply want a peaceful life and to that end are relaxed and very down to earth. They are happy to sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere around them, as long as it is not chaotic or dramatic. Libras love to socialise and people enjoy spending time with them. As a result, Libras social group may be extremely varied, as they are outgoing and enjoy spending time with all types of people.  

However, Libras need to be a little careful as their friendliness can be misconstrued as something else. They are naturally warm and loving people, but this can come across as overly flirtatious and seductive, even when the intentions are completely innocent. This can lead to trouble, which is the last thing that a Libra wants.  

Libra is often considered to be the sign of beauty and there is no doubt that appearances count to a Libra. They like to be surrounded by the aesthetically pleasing, both in terms of other people and in terms of the material. Furthermore, they have a tendency to judge others by their appearance, and this is something that they should be aware of.  

That said, a Libra’s overriding instinct is to please people and make them happy, even when they disagree about something. This is a fantastic quality that helps a great deal in life, as long as it is tempered by self-awareness. Libras need to learn when to stand up for themselves rather than just saying what they think others want to hear. It is not always easy to do and can be a lifelong struggle.  

Furthermore, this trait can lead to Libras putting a great deal of pressure on themselves to be the best friend/partner that they can possibly be. This can lead them to snap from pressure that comes from them alone. Therefore, Libras need to make sure that they always take the time to consider their own needs; otherwise, they may enter a self-defeating cycle that leads to disagreeable behaviour.  

As noted, Libras have the fantastic ability to consider all sides to a situation and make very balanced judgements. However, this can also make them very slow decision makers, meaning that they may not be great in high-pressure environments. Furthermore, if Libras are not aware of this tendency, then it can lead to almost total paralysis in which decisions are never made.  

As people who are keen to avoid conflict, Libras may struggle to show displeasure, as they are rarely openly rude or angry. Therefore, people may not always know if a Libra is angry with them as anger tends to be displayed via passive-aggressive behaviour. While this is not necessarily a big negative, it is important for Libras to learn to express themselves at the appropriate time.  

Overall, a Libra is a very finely balanced personality, just the as symbol of the Scales suggests. On the one hand, they are excellent at considering different points of view and conflict resolution. On the other, they can take this trait too far, which may lead to communication problems, frustration and anger. However, with a bit of self-awareness, Libras can achieve amazing things and play an important role in many different situations.   

How Libras Treat Love and Relationships 

Very little is of greater importance to a Libra than finding a truly compatible partner for life. Once a Libra begins a romantic relationship, they will work extremely hard to maintain the peace and harmony. A Libra’s natural charm and sense of dedication makes this relatively easy, and it also makes them very easy to be with. However, Libras have to be wary of going too far and sacrificing too much in pursuit of their goals.  

Libra is considered to be the sign of marriage, meaning that most Libras are looking to follow the traditional path in love. While they are an Air sign, which usually represents great flexibility, they are still likely to be drawn to tradition and will wish to convey this to the rest of the world.  

Libras will usually hugely enjoy the path towards finding a partner; they love to flirt and they are one of the few zodiac signs to enjoy first dates. However, while Libras are very good at charming potential partners, they have a tendency to look at things from too many perspectives, other than their own, which can cause a great deal of inner confusion as the relationship progresses. As a result, they may hold back on fully committing themselves, worried that if they do so they may lose an element of themselves. Therefore, a Libra’s partner has to understand this trait and give them the time and space needed to explore things on their own terms.  

Libras love romance, but they do not love rushing. Rather, they will take time to consider the pros and cons of a relationship, and will often be looking years into the future. Libras will not be afraid to talk about the future and topics such as children, schooling, career plans, and housing, are central to a Libra’s needs.  

At the same time, Libras are very keen to please their partners, which can result in misunderstandings. As Libras hate conflict, they may shy away from decision-making and put too much responsibility in the hands of their partner. While they may have plenty of ideas, they do not want to be criticised, and worse yet, they do not want their partners to feel forced into doing something that they may not enjoy. Therefore, Libras must learn that they are an equal partner in a relationship and that the responsibilities go both ways.  

Those dating Libras should know that shouting and making accusations will not help in any situation. Rather, criticism should be presented in the “I feel” form, making sure that the Libra still feels loved, even during a time of conflict. That way, a Libra can be made to feel safe about sharing their own feelings.  

Libras need both mental and physical stimulation. They are looking for fulfilment on every level and their partners need to be aware of this. There are many signs that are potential matches for a Libra. The dominant Leo is likely to fall hard for the considerate Libra, while Libras will respect a Leo’s transparent emotions. Each can complement the other and a truly understanding relationship is possible.  

An Aquarius may also be a good match as both signs have an element of independence that can grow to co-dependency. They will not try to change each other; rather they will complement each other and feel as if each is completing the other.  

Sagittarius and Libra will also complement each other. Libras will be drawn to the way that Sagittarius don’t worry about what other people think, and this can help Libras learn to be more decisive and recognise the fact that it is ok to anger others from time to time, and that it is not always detrimental to the relationship. 

Libras’ Approach to Career and Money 

The Scales perfectly symbolise how important balance is to a Libra, and this also extends to their working life. They will be very careful to maintain a work-life balance and will be reluctant to take on work if they feel it will impinge too much on their private life. That said, their fairness and ability to consider things from multiple angles makes them natural leaders, as long as they do not let indecisiveness overtake them. They are always looking for justice and this earns them a great deal of respect in the workplace, regardless of their chosen profession. It also makes them excellent at group work and at presenting well thought-out arguments.  

This balance extends to a Libra’s finances. They are very good at balancing their expenses, and managing budgets (however, this may partly be because they struggle to make decisions over purchases). While they love beautiful objects, they understand how important it is to keep control of finances and they will normally have money set aside for emergencies, or even just rainy day treats.  

Libras can be a huge asset when it comes to any role that involves mediation. They can negotiate and facilitate communication and compromise between opposing parties. This means that they could thrive in the world of diplomacy or any similar role. Furthermore, their leadership skills mean that they are good at moving projects forward, making them valuable assets to almost any business.  

The Scales do not just represent balance, they are also the Scales of Justice, and Libras may find themselves drawn to the legal professions in their quest for fairness. For example, as a lawyer they will be able to draw on their ability to see multiple points of view, they will have a large amount of independence, which naturally suits them, and they can demonstrate their powers of persuasion and negotiation.  

How Libras Respond to Friends and Family 

Libras are quick to smile, they have a sharp sense of humour, and they are able to make everyone feel like they are important, meaning that everyone is drawn to them. This has its pluses and minuses. For instance, people may consider a Libra to be their “best friend” only to discover that the Libra has many such “best friends”. This is because Libras are excellent at connecting to others quickly and enjoy the process of getting to know them, and they are happy to devote a significant amount of time to exploring a new connection. Libras love to socialise, they are entertaining and full of energy, so will often bring different people together.  

However, while Libras bring people together from far and wide, they can struggle to connect with people on a deeper level. There are a number of reasons for this. Libras are sometimes too considerate and this can lead them to protect themselves while they spend time trying to make decisions. Libras also hate conflict and struggle to be honest if they disagree with someone, so instead may choose to hold that person at arm’s length. Furthermore, they may not like the feeling of responsibility that comes with intense friendships. On the other hand, once a Libra does make a close friend, that friend will be for life. They are not judgmental and enjoy learning about other people’s circumstances and situations.  

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to family connections. Libra will often transfer guilt between family members without realising it. In their constant quest for balance and harmony, they make agree with a parent or sibling just to avoid conflict, and then have to make amends when later challenged on it. Libras need to learn not to be afraid to express their true opinions and should take the time to work out what they believe, not what they think they should believe. However, their ability to see all points of view makes them excellent parents who will ensure that their children are always treated fairly.  

Celebrity Libras 

Cardi B 

Born 11 October 1992, the American female rapper Cardi B rose to fame for her distinct style. She was the first woman to have two number one hits on the hot 100 Billboard chart at the same time. She shows the sense of justice true to a Libra and often uses her celebrity platform to raise awareness about important social issues, especially in regards to racism and American politics. Furthermore, she is well aware of being a Libra and once Tweeted, “I’m such a Libra it’s not even funny, my sign represents me so well”.  

Kim Kardashian 

Born 21 October 1980, Kim Kardashian is a major television personality, model and socialite. She is famous for a number of things and she has repeatedly demonstrated her charm and sense of diplomacy, in true Libra style.  


Born 17 October 1972, Eminem is one of the most influential rappers of all time. He has been called the ‘King of Hip Hop’ by Rolling Stones magazine and he is perhaps most celebrated for a truly Libran trait, his honesty and vulnerability, with much of his music talking about his own struggles. He often raps about the truth and Libras are all about justice, fairness, and fighting for the underdog.  

Hugh Jackman 

Born 12 October 1968, Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor, producer and singer. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for ‘longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero’ for his 18-year stint as Wolverine in the X-Men films. This is an excellent demonstration of a Libra’s natural loyalty and backing this up is Jackman’s marriage to fellow Australian actress Deborra-Lee Furness, who he married in 1996.   

Will Smith 

Born 25 September 1968, the actor Will Smith is a truly classic Libra. He values partnership above anything else and he has been with his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, since 1997. It is rare for celebrity marriages to last so long and Smith’s has done so while remaining very private. Smith is known to value his harmonic family lifestyle and he is hugely supportive of his three children, Trey, Jaden and Willow. 

Serena Williams 

Born 23 September 1981, tennis superstar Serena Williams is a true Libra. This is best seen in her relationship with her sister Serena, another excellent sportswoman. She works well as an individual, but she works just as well, and arguably better, with a partner. The two of them together are a seriously impressive team and they have an incredible number of doubles titles together.  

John Krasinski 

Born 20 October 1979, John Krasinski is a superb actor and a perfect example of a celebrity Libra. He and his wife, actress Emily Blunt, are not only a fantastic couple, but they have worked together on a number of projects over the years and their partnership truly shines through.  

Kelly Ripa 

Born 2 October 1970, it is no surprise that the actress Kelly Ripa is a Libra. Kelly and her partner Mark have been married for more than two decades and the energy between them is evident whenever they appear together. Kelly is a firm believer in strong partnerships on and off the air, and when hosting her talk show, she has shown herself to be gracious, fair-minded, and excellent at interviewing people.  

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